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  • Birthday November 23

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    SCI FinOxy
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    FinOxy PC
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    I hate it

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    Turku, Finland
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    computers, robotics, right to repair, laptop purhace help for High-school with support for Gigabi-OS
  • Biography
    I am a high-schoo, student who is interested about the hardware of PCs and 3 modelling, CAD and industrial robotics
    I also like doing long walks, with my mates
    I play many games, but I have most of em on PS4
    I could use a new laptop, but nothing seems like a worth it compromise from my current one
  • Occupation
    High-school student, Finland (lukio)


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600xt
  • Motherboard
    b550-f gaming
    by Asus ROG
  • RAM
    trident z neo 3600MHz Cl16 32GB
  • GPU
    Radeon rx 5700xt gaming oc
  • Case
    focus g
    fractal desing
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb, boot and storage
  • PSU
    seasonic core gm-650 semi-mod
  • Display(s)
    2x 24G2U
  • Cooling
    masterliquid 240 lite
  • Keyboard
    Blackstorm metal mech 2019
  • Mouse
    very old
  • Sound
    Integrated monitors
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro, ALL PRO
    'However I would like to give MacOS a chance, but the hardware is so expensive and it does not fill my requiremts
  • Laptop
    dell latitude E6540 with i7-4810MQ (2 cores disablled for power saving)
    Radeon Hd 8790, (disabled due to windows problems), 16GB of Ram, 512GB SSD
  • Phone
    Galaxy A50 128 Blue with UGB Scout case

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  1. Well, I really don´t need any more than 5tb of capacity and there is not really those around
  2. Okay, I ll have to do some more Well, it seems like the black is expensive, and the mx500 is kinda expensive as well I would prefer not to use more than 100e
  3. Hi, I am looking to expand my storage at my desktop I already have a 970 evo plus, but it has capacity of only 500gb, so I need more capacity The thing, for which I am looking for is the good performace for loading games, and something that doesn´t break my bank account What things effect the drive performace apart from the RPM numbers? I will be using it for game strorage for titles that don´t need that aren´ that big
  4. Looks like what I just tore down my dads old PC
  5. yhmm have you been in contact with the OEM/manifacturer?
  6. Yeah prob I have never been on that of a spot, so I was speaking of my own experience, which I prob should have said clearer
  7. OK it is very likely toast contact MSI support, that board runs its VRM hot that might be the problem Also say that "I did not overclock, nor did I use XMP 2.0
  8. Well you have the correct cables plugged in? do you get troubleshooting LEDs? And why did you try to post it without the GPU, you don´t have a APU I have a background with old custom rigs, and CMOS has always gotten everything back to work sometimes I need to do it 2-3 times this was on LGA1156
  9. Hi, I just bought two brand new AOC 24G2U gaming monitors I was just looking through the manufacturers website, and they claim a color gamut of DCI-P that is over 100% https://my.aoc.com/product_5738_24G2_monitor_Malaysia.php what do you think Ps the one I have shows the name of 24G2W1G4 in win10
  10. Hi, I could use a new SSD to my laptop. The target would be to lower the power consumption to save on battery. I have currenctly a liteon lch-512v2s And it is kinda old. It would be placed on my Dell E6540 (specs in the profile) If I bought a new ssd for it, would the power comsumption be lowered and how much I could really not find any proper sources and comparisons, so please provide your source thank you
  11. Well, it is running a build of win10 pro But as I private person, not a organisation
  12. Hi, is there a way to stop windows from isntalling its own drivers on my old laptop? It is a old E6540