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  1. Hi I just purchased an ultrawide monitor and it will be my main monitor(LG34gn850) I want to mount a 27 inch above it as a secondary display. I live in rented accommodation so I can't drill a mount to my wall so I will need a tall or dual desk clamp mount preferably but I can't seem to find 1 anywhere. I was thinking of using 2 clamp arms, 1 for the ultrawide, and 1 for the 27 inch but it will be a dual vertical mount and I would have to remove 1 of the monitor mounting plates Surely there's a less ghetto solution to this? Any input will be greatly appreciated as
  2. I loved my red devil. Only problems I had were the dreadful drivers
  3. I had the same issue, i ended up choosing the Be quiet! 500dx in white
  4. i just got a new case, went from a corsair 650d to a Be quiet! 500dx in white. Gorgeous case with plenty of air flow
  5. Entirely up to you but the reccomendation is usually when the psu is out of warrently its a good time to replace it. My ax850 was 8 years old until the caps blew on it
  6. The 580 is a power hungry card with quite a bit of heat output. Try adding an exhaust fan sounds like a case air flow issue. If that doesn't work amd cards work well with an undervolt
  7. Speaking from personal experience I had enough of the issues with my 5700xt red devil card and sold it and put the money towards a 2070 super. Not had a single issue with nvidia so far and g sync seems to work flawless on my freesync monitor where the 5700xt was full of flicker. 2080ti seems a waste seeing as the rumours are the 3060 will be faster, then again it's a rumour lol. End of the day it's your money do what you want mate but from personal experience nvidia is the way to go to avoid their terrible drivers
  8. I was originally going to go for a h510 myself but I was put off by the cases airflow. Make sure you.have a look at reviews before you make up your mind. Gamers nexus on youtube have great case reviews
  9. I've just ordered a 500dx from be quiet. They have it in black or white. Also the phanteks p400a is a great case
  10. Having looked around I settled on a Be quiet! 500dx in white. The case looks gorgeous and so clean looking. Plenty of room to buy a vertical gpu mount kit when they come back in stock. Thanks for the replys it helped me understand the different gpu mounting options. I think I'll go for the cable mod kit.
  11. Thanks going to try look for a case with a good mounting solution already installed
  12. The s300 looks really nice thanks for the reply. Curious as to what things you thought I wouldn't like haha. I had my eyes on the h510 fron nzxt but the mount looks far too close to the glass
  13. I am looking to upgrade from a 650d to a case that is smaller and looks clean. I like the look of gpu mounts but the third party ones are a bit expensive for what they are so I'm wondering are there any cases with mounts that do not have the card sitting so close to the side panel? My gpu is a gigabyte 2070 super 3 fan model Thanks in advance for any help
  14. Thanks for the reply. Thinking about my usb needs, I have 3 led lights being powered by USB so I could power them another way giving me 3 usb, plus the 2 I'd gain from having my back ports freed up from the front io ports. This sounds more reasonable to me after looking at other cases. Another question I have is about the vertical gpu mounting in cases. I would love to use that but have heard that it makes the GPU too close to the side panel making it run hotter and slower. Do all vertical mounts do this? Thanks
  15. Hi I have a 650d currently but I want something smaller and more clean looking. I like the popular nzxt 510 but for me it doesn't have enough front usb ports for what I'd need. I have a cheap usb hub that I could use but I'd rather keep it looking as clean and tidy as possible on the front. Is there any cases that have the same looks as the nzxt at around the same price that has more USB? Or is there a better option for me adding more usb to the case without It looking a mess and without spending too much. My mobo is a b450 tomahawk max and currently i have to loose 2 U