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    2x E5-2670
  • Motherboard
    Intel S2600gz
  • RAM
    48GB Micron 1333mhz ECC DDR3 (ebay @$.75/GB)
  • GPU
    EVGA SC 1070, Zotac 1060 6GB mini
  • Case
    2'x2'x4.5" wooden box with an acrylic side panel
  • Storage
    2x 1TB drives in raid0, 256GB sata ssd
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    2x Intel DPS-750XB 750 watt PSU
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    Acer XG270HU, Asus VC239H
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    2x CoolIT Systems ECO II-2U SP CSOCAJ
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    GAMDIAS HERMES P1 RGB, MasterKeys Lite L RGB
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    2x corsair m65 rgb pro
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    ubuntu server, 2x windows 10 pro
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    Software Engineer
  1. if the strip has resistors you're fine.
  2. If you can afford the extra $20 I'd get the 1500x instead of the 1400. The extra cache could be nice. But that's just a minor thing. Also I'd prefer 2 4gb sticks of ram instead of the 1 8gb stick, but again that's a really minor thing. Build is fine as is.
  3. I'd suggest giving it a new hard drive /s
  4. C and C++ are AOT Java is JIT HTML (not technically a programming language), Python, JavaScript, etc are Interpreted.
  5. Java was originally marketed as cross system. A .exe only works on a windows machine. A java program runs on anything that has java installed. (in theory)
  6. Basically think of a compiler as a translator. If you tried to open a .exe in notepad++ it would just be a bunch of weird boxes and symbols, because it isn't in a human readable language. In the same way, the computer can't understand your source code. The compiler bridges that gap and translates your source code into something the computer can understand.
  7. A compiler takes your source code (human readable) and turns it into executable (machine readable) code. You normally run the compiler with your source code files as input, and it generates new files with the desired extension (such as .exe). Some language (such as java) do require specific things to be installed for people to be able to run your compiled code, but they do not require them to have the compiler. Java compiles with javac.exe into .class or .jar files which run with java.exe (which most computers have installed) C or C++ code compiles to native code normally (so .exe on windows) which requires nothing extra to run. You need to install the compilers for these. There are sometimes several for a given language (C++ has many available compilers).
  8. Does your cpu have integrated graphics? You could try to get your desktop and browser running on that to leave your gpu exclusive to the mining software.
  9. Only mine when you aren't using the computer?
  10. You don't code an exe, you compile to an exe. But yes, you COULD code gta5 in notepad, it would not be recommended. Something that complicated would greatly benefit from the extra tools available to you in a proper ide.
  11. Source code is just plaintext. You can do that with any text editor. Running the code is different. Compiled languages need a compiler, interpreted need an interpreter. Neither of those is in a text editor. Html is interpreted. The interpreter is your web browser. Java is compiled. The compiler is javac.exe found in java's JDK you can download from their site.
  12. He's spending that much and only getting 16gb of ram? And only a single hdd? Split that up into 3 2TB drives in raid 10 and get him 32GB or ram
  13. why 1x8 ram instead of 2x4?
  14. Huh, I'd never heard of them. They don't support a huge number of programs but that does still look helpful assuming they're trustworthy. edit: Also, the basic version only supports default location installs I almost never install things in the default directory, I install them on separate drives sorted into different folders...