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    48GB Micron 1333mhz ECC DDR3 (ebay @$.75/GB)
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  1. ooh, I also found this: https://www.ebay.com/p/?iid=112220167515&lpid=82&&&ul_noapp=true&chn=ps Just google "wii sensor bar usb" and you'll find several under $10 options.
  2. Just use some candles In reality though the sensor bar is just 2 infrared leds. You could either use a normal wii sensor bar and hook it into the 5 volt line on your desktop or grab some leds and make your own for super cheap (leds should only be a few cents each from somewhere like jameco.com)
  3. Oh man, I should have checked here before I signed up for the game... Oh well. I'll send in an app to join the org tonight when I get home from work
  4. Step 1: Remove McAfee. Step 2: profit. Seriously, Windows Defender is better than that McAfee malware...
  5. if you have an extra router you can configure it as a wifi bridge. I had to do this with my desktop for nearly a year.
  6. I've got one and (though I seem to be the minority) I enjoy it quite a bit. As someone with a nice gaming pc, I don't need a high end, VR capable console. Something that plays cool games that aren't on pc that I can take everywhere is really cool. I have had 0 issues with the system and Zelda is actually a really good game that I've put way too many hours into. Mario kart and Splatoon are coming out soon, and I've got several friends I'm looking forward to smashing in both edit: continued The joycon are a really neat idea, it's the final form of what the wii mote was. Being able to have half a controller in each hand with no boundary is really nice. Yes they have some minor connection issues, but I don't find it to be terrible and newer ones have supposedly been updated, so if you buy one now it probably won't have any issues. Keep in mind that no console has ever had a launch with 0 issues. The switches with hardware issues or overheating problems are in the <1%, the internet age just makes it look like it's all of them.
  7. Well that seems pretty unanimous...
  8. This is SUPER old news... We new about this card last year.
  9. Been shopping for a mechanical keyboard (only ever had laptops or membrane / "memchanical" before) and I think I'm down to either the Razer Blackwidow Chroma or the Corsair k70 RGB with cherry mx brown. Any input from owners of one/both?
  10. All DDR4 runs at the same speed out of the box. The speed from the manufacturer is the speed they certify the ram can be overclocked to. That's something you'll have to do in bios settings.
  11. your monitor only has 1920x1080 pixels. No other resolution will ever be shown on the monitor. Ever. It physically can't. Any other resolution is scaled to the monitors pixels before the monitor shows it. It can't be damaged by this.
  12. It's basically enterprise.
  13. making it 100x better!
  14. As an aside, if your microsoft imagine account is through your uni, it's up to them to close your account when you leave. From what I've heard, most never really do. I graduated a year ago and still have mine.
  15. Pretty sure 2016 was only fully released and out of beta a few months ago, so 2012 is still totally supported and will be for a good while. (servers and such generaly get longer support than consumer targeted software.)