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    Calgary, AB
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    All things analog and digital.
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    Emergency Communications Officer


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    16G something
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    512ssd, 1TB, 3TB, 2x3TB, 4x4TB
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    Corsair thingy
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  1. Frollard

    My 1995 IBM Aptiva. 486dx2 to i7 6700k. Not 56k safe.

    That's an OLDER AT power supply where the line in from the wall was actually switched at the front of the case; the power button literally cuts power to the machine. They had to change to ATX and use the green wire to allow the motherboard to stay powered to enable proper sleep/hibernate states where the motherboard could boot more quickly by keeping ram active-- and that only works if it's still powered on. see old: You need to ditch that entire old click-on-click-off latching switch with a more modern momentary contact switch and find a way to jam that behind the original button -- then wire that to the motherboard header for 'power' see new:
  2. Frollard

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    I like giveaway! Thanks Zotac for being awesome! Thanks Linus et al for being linussy! -Frollard
  3. Frollard

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    Very nice -- those headphones make me feel warm and fuzzy!
  4. Frollard

    FinalMouse Giveaway

    Count me in -- I am getting fed up with logitech's gorilla bloatware with my mouse!
  5. I picked up the LG G-watch (not round ) back on black friday sale...299 marked down to 99 on the play store. Couldn't be happier. If I had paid 300 I would have felt totally ripped off and 'insane'. For a hundred dollars it keeps time, gives me notifications, g.now and voice commands. In the age of phones getting bigger and bigger (and harder to pull out your pocket, especially while seated)...the wearable will come into its own. 349 minimum for A.watch is nuts. Proper insane.
  6. Frollard

    The new (and improved?) Linus Tech Tips intro

    I'm with what I see as a commenting majority here: Video good, Music good but too loud (sudden loud is okay, perhaps a smoother transition to loud instead of the first beat, where it were like opening a door instead of a hard cut). Outtro slogan kinda lame.
  7. Leapmotion gesture control. Picked up the indiegogo/kickstarter whatchamacallit... Should be renamed "can't tell a closed fist from an 'ok sign"-motion.
  8. Frollard

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    Who wants a NUC? This guy! *thumbs up*
  9. Frollard

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    Count me in! I have been wanting to upgrade to the new platform for a while but can't justify it
  10. Frollard

    Linus's New Vids

    I think fewer watched/cared about it because it's been a solid ad for a few weeks - maybe I have my timeline wrong but I think I saw the ad several times before I saw the cooler review at which point I knew it had 'industry leading specs and was super shiny'.
  11. Frollard

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    That case sure is sexy Awesome giveaway, thanks!
  12. Frollard

    Far Cry 4 pay for multiplayer?

    How to have your game multiplayer be shit: Do not release all content to all players. I'm reminded of warhawk, ps3 launch-ish...It was an awesome shooter and community then they did dlc updates where only people with the dlc could play on the new maps/use the new vehicles...the fragmented community stopped playing because nobody could fill a 32 player game. Those who purchased couldn't fill a game because they were rare. Those who didn't were bored because half the people left to try the upgrade. Everyone was sour and quit.
  13. Count me in for a give-away! Those are sexy cards and the review is informative!
  14. I can't help to notice the ?drc=linustechtips in the url; Is this a legit affiliate code for Linus? I don't mind participating, good deal and all but it's still not above board to use an affiliate code without bringing it up.
  15. Frollard

    Is my 2nd graphics card dead?

    I'm not really that upset if it died (it paid itself off with the mining on free electricity) just the hours spent installing the watercooler diagnosing this problem is now a pain in my ass. Update: Now I get zero video signal over dvi on either card. I can remote in with teamviewer...that's about it....until the computer crashes. Sometimes I get bios...gonna try to boot into that next and set defaults. Edit: update 2: Got video back, but I'm blue-screening (or monitor-off-screening) with numlock hard freeze every little while when I run anything graphical. Enabling crossfire slows the machine down (does that zero power thing) and 2nd card acts like an anchor dragging the system down. AMD, particularly the software is garbage.