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  1. How is everyone? I’m looking to find a solid speaker for pretty cheap that can play music in my bedroom, maybe even a split pair? That play from my iPhone or PC. Price range? I’d prefer under ~$50 but I don’t really have a budget. If there are massive benefits then convince me to spend more, but I’m just looking for something clear and clean.
  2. I don’t have an interest in surround if it’s not wireless. Cables are a hassle. Room will be square.
  3. My biggest concern is quality control and support with this company. Not sure if it’s worth the risk. I may get it and backcharge if they refuse to support it.
  4. Hey all! I’m moving to a new apartment in September so I’m doing some research for our home theatre setup. Im looking for the BEST television to play movies on for under $1,000, 55 inch is generally the perfect size for the city (nyc) you won’t get much more space to need something bigger. Size is definitely flexible and it’s for watching movies only pretty much. (Im not a fan of that hyper-realistic effect you see on some tvs) in addition whatever speaker or sound system setup you think would best accompany it. Any other reccomendations are welcome as well! From couches to coffee tables or tv stands! (And anything else you can think of, like plants or carpets.) However all thats not included in the Budget. Just television and speakers. so in short, best tv speaker combo for watching movies and tv series on netflix, hbo, etc. for under $1k at around 55in viewing distance.
  5. I cant jailbreak on acount of my upgrade plan (every 6 months)
  6. Thanks, I'll try to find a torrent of the program. Then if it works I'll buy it.
  7. I wouldn't use all three monitors for one game personally because it doesnt seem appealing to me id rather use one for browsing and the other for music and media. However if you have a 1080 (gtx gpu) it should be no problem at all. 980 on the other hand that i have, i run dual monitors with it, and its not too stressful so you should be okay, but expect Spending much more time mixing the settings up till youre over 144 fps (unless the other two monitors are not 144hz than u can only utilize the lowest hz without wierd issues)
  8. I deleted a couple of photos from my iPhone 6+ a little while back (about four months ago). Is there any free software I can use to recover the photos? Ive found one that claims to work, however it seems a bit sketchy and requires me to buy it first. Reviews I've looked at show it works but I'm not spending the $49 that it costs to do it. It's called PhoneRescue.
  9. Yeah I'll probably be with T mobile for life, when my parents pass, it will be just me taking over the plan, for $50 a month + phone cost + $10 for insurance, with excellent coverage & reception. Anyhow, yeah I think i'll be stuck getting the iPhone 7 because I need to buy through t mobile so that its covered with jump. (Gotta contact them and check online see what they have in stock and if i could put jump on a phone I bring to it) So, Nexus 6P, One Plus 3, Moto X, & iPhone 7 seem to be my best options. Thanks to everyone for helping me pick out some devices.
  10. Only reason we have tmobile is because my parents have a grandfathered 10 year plan for 50 a month for unlimited everything + 10 per extra line.
  11. If you don't mind i have a few questions about it; Battery Size? Software? Durability? (Shock & Water) Do i pay out right or through my provider? usb-c or micro usb (deal breaker if micro)? can i get a shitty wood back panel?
  12. i have tmobile and jump insurance so im elligable for an upgrade. This phone will never be paid off, nor would the next iphone i get. Essentially perminantly $30 per month (28 cause i negotiated it down from 31 6+ version) however if it was a moto i would pay it off and keep it, if it didnt break.
  13. Should i get the new iphone 7 thats coming out (i have an iphone 6 that i dropped and shattered the screen on) or a budget phone? (Moto X) im not paying for the phone, my father is, and we can afford it, however im struggling to find any reason to get the iphone 7, considering the price, now that ive had an iphone for a while. I switched from galaxy because the bloat was too much so i wanted to switch to an iphone which ive enjoyed the experience on far more, however ive been told cyanogen mod can prrovide the same experience and i believe the moto phones come with it. Open to any suggestions or perspectives on my situation.
  14. Transferring to a new university and attending grad school in 1 year. I need a respectably powerful chrome book for this journey. Light weight, large display, elegant design (think Apple ish). Price isn't an issue but most chrome books cost under 500. I want a chrome book because it limits my use. (Sorry for formatting on mobile driving)I also use google drive for all my presentations documents and spreadsheets as is, and I like the idea of a lightweight operating system. Especially since I can't game on it. (This just being a positive side effect)