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  1. http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/ryzen-game-perf-increases-with-new-rise-of-the-tomb-raider-patch.html 15% isn't underwhelming. And I'm sure there's more performance to be had especially in games that are built from the ground up for many cores. They aren't the same though, especially under nvidia GPUs. Not that you'd expect them to right now. But the real question is intel worth considering over Ryzen for a few frames? I'd probably say no.
  2. You can get AMD CPUs with pins missing working, can't say the same about intel motherboards. Pins on the CPU are more forgiving by far.
  3. AMD wants to push the core count norm up, not down. Even if it were economical to sell dual cores they probably wouldn't.
  4. Well right now the main reasons are IPC, Thunderbolt 3 and Optane. Ryzen will eventually get Thunderbolt on the motherboards once intel releases it to be used by anyone in the mainstream at no cost so that advantage will go away. If all you plan to do is 1080p gaming then Intel just really is the superior option but I doubt there are many people who turn on their computer and only do 1080p gaming lol. Edit: Oh yeah intel is better at certain emulation, if that's what you're into.
  5. I did get an Acer with an i5 5200U and a 940m for about 350 bucks new. You can get some decent deals sometimes. But I mean if you need something with more horsepower then the used market is always best.
  6. I just want mini itx damn it, oh and the 6 cores.
  7. Facts are facts and the benchmarks used by AMD were industry standards. While I still think it's wise to wait for unbiased and well conducted reviews before EVER committing money to something like this, there's almost no doubt in my mind that these chips are going to cause an uproar. As for your concern on pricing, the reason they can price these so low is because of great yields obviously, and the fact that intel has no doubt been price gouging due to a complete lack of real competition. GloFo's 14nm yields have been insanely good so there's probably very little lost per wafer.
  8. Not a fair comparison because Bulldozer was actually shit. Ryzen is poised to be incredibly good.
  9. Anyone not expecting something like this had their head in the clouds. There's no way an 8 core 16 thread is going to beat or even match a 4 core/8thread CPU in non multithreaded optimized loads. The quadcore just has more headroom for higher clocks while the 8 core is far more of a generalist CPU. But this is why I think the 6 core offering will be much more popular from AMD, still benefits from the additional cores but will close the gap in terms of raw gaming performance.
  10. That fan connector isn't attached to anything. It's the case fan and i can freely move it.
  11. Was thinking that but I can't push the io in, even with the blunt end of a screwdriver for extra leverage.
  12. Hello, I'm trying to get an AM3+ board out of an old rosewill case so I can store it and toss the clunky and broken case that I no longer need. It seems to be stuck on something but I don't know what and it's a bit frustrating. I believe I've removed all the screws so I'm a bit confused. Any help is appreciated.
  13. The 8.1 on my laptop doesn't do this, so no you didn't.
  14. Yeah it's bizarre lol. My CPU is a 3570k if that helps.
  15. This is getting ridiculous. I keep having to close the windows update thing because the usage is insane. I turned off all automatic checking for updates but it still randomly opens. Any solution? I'm using 8.1
  16. They can't deny your warranty for rubbing paint off lmao. It's against the law to deny warranty because of modification that didn't cause the failure to begin with.
  17. Have you tried clearing ALL drivers from the computer using a driver clearing utility?
  18. And I assume you've tried this in multiple computers? Because if the card is outputting it should work with drivers, so strange.
  19. If I didn't care about heat output then rx 480s for sure. Crossfire works fine, it isn't 2010.
  20. What drivers are you using for it? Make sure you're using the end of life beta crimson drivers that they did as a final farewell to the 6000 series.
  21. um, this was back in like July lmao. Even then that wouldn't cause this issue.
  22. Because tbh, CES is meant for the crazy stuff in my eyes. I'd look at normal launches if I wanted normal things...