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    Custom PC's,Gaming and F1 motorsports
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    Construction worker.
  1. TheGreenBean

    Amazon Launches Amazon Fire TV - NOT april fools

    Will it hit Europe any time soon?
  2. He didn't fancy a lynching today so he's "sick" poor guy.
  3. TheGreenBean

    cliffy B tells off oculus complainers

    VR will be here to stay but the rift won't. Facebook has a stigma attached to it that can't be shaken off. Had valve, google or amazon bought the company it would of been ok even though their evil in their own right too. I don't really care myself, VR never got my attention anyway, until yesterday. BRING ON THE WAN SHOW.
  4. Oh my god the WAN show is going to be epic this week. Slick will need those butt wipes for his eyes instead of his ass.
  5. TheGreenBean

    Kickstarter Backers voice concerns over Oculus and Facebook.

    Sign into facebook to play your favourite game. It's going to happen.
  6. TheGreenBean

    Facebook To Buy Oculus Rift For $2 Billion

    Gaming will take a back seat from now on. The masses of the great unwashed don't want that. Thank god i never got caught up in the VR hype train.
  7. The gpu blocks are amazing, such a pity there so hard to see installed. Stunning build, best one i seen in a while.
  8. TheGreenBean

    BF5 could be totally different, no dice or army

    Maybe it's true. Tom clancys "The Division" is a similar sounding title. I for one would play a DICE title along those lines. Maybe there trying to muscle in on them? I didn't buy BF4 and i suspect im not the only one. Iv'e had enough of EA's crap for a while.
  9. TheGreenBean

    PaultanDesigns: Lamborghini Aventador J

    Another stunner. Wow.
  10. TheGreenBean

    Electric Orange [Completed with Final Photo's]

    Awesome. also the "orange peel" gag i lol'd hard
  11. TheGreenBean


    Beautiful work there.Really clean.
  12. TheGreenBean

    [Build Log] LoveBox -(S3)

    Looking good.
  13. Great build.I subbed to your YT a while back and can't wait to see pt3.
  14. TheGreenBean

    Custom Motherboard tray?

    Awesome thank you.