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  1. no, i keep the inside of my pc as dust free as possible so I don't think that was the cause of the problem, however it could very well have been related to heat. I have never overclocked the gpu before, and it wasn't any hotter in my room than normal today when it died.
  2. no, i didn't see what the temp/load was at the crash
  3. the gpu didnt work in another computer either, so atleast we've narrowed the problem down to the gpu. Funnily enough, i was actually about an hour into minecraft (first time playing since forever ago), which is a cpu intensive game.
  4. just tried it in another pc, different monitor, different cable, same problem. But atleast I know the gpu IS the issue. Ill try reapplying the thermal paste. hopefully i have some extra lying around.
  5. So earlier today, I was just chilling playing some games when all of a sudden I get a static screen, a buzz, and my pc shuts off. when i try to turn it back on, the pc boots back up just fine, except my monitor wont display anything and basically acts like its not plugged in. The gpu's fans still spin up, but it doesnt seem to be outputting an image. heres a list of everything ive tried: Tested the monitor on a different pc, it works tried the other DVI port on the card tried plugging the gpu into a different slot tried soaking the gpu in bleach (jk) all of this t
  6. emergersh those headphones look so sexy definitely my new favorite product in thier lineup
  7. So I need an HDMI to VGA converter for presentations at my office (because my lappy only has hdmi, and what do you know, even the highest end office still uses freaking VGA ), so I looked around on amazon and newegg, and surprisingly nothing really popped out to me as being any kind of mid-high quality, pretty much all of it seemed like cheap junk from china/hong kong, or overpriced junk that is still from china or hong kong. So i was wondering if anyone could help me out here, maybe you have one that you bought in the past that you KNOW will not fail; because here's the deal: presentations an
  8. OMG, Linus, you are the man.... thanks so much to you and all the LMG members for this epic giveaway, I so excited for the new video platform and i cant wait to see what the future holds for you and your team. Vessel name: PCTechLabs Video Links: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 Twitter share: https://twitter.com/BenTech2556/status/580418830234755072 Facebook share: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1419253125054149&id=100009084256771&pnref=story
  9. In the past i would definitely recommend a V300, great value for the money, infact i have one myself, but now that they changed the Nand flash type to a much cheaper and less reliable type, its not nearly as fast or reliable, so i would reccomend looking elsewhere. Samsungs always a good bet as others have said
  10. i actually really hope apple succeeds with this. would be pretty cool to have a tech company have a monopoly over several industries like this, and it's the first really innovative move they've taken in a while
  11. well.... this is slightly disturbing... if you REALLY like zomberts and want to freak out your friends when they come over, good luck with that whoever actually buys this
  12. doesnt he already? dangit linus, did you fire him AGAIN?
  13. Luke should work for HardwareCanucks. He hits hard loved the review, very critical, you hit all the right points. good job as always luke
  14. yep, it happened. in under a month, the pump has started malfunctioning (and by malfunctioning, i mean stopped spinning up AT ALL). on startup, the pump shows 0 RPM, leaving the cpu to heat up to 80+ degrees, as its just being passively cooled by the block. i usually shut off my pc immediately if i see this happening. it only happens on startup tho. After a few restarts it usually starts working tho, and is completely fine until i shut off the computer. then it happens next time i turn it on.thankfully, im still within amazons return window, so i can get a refund. Im very dissapointed in coole
  15. Yeah, those reviews are a bit worrying :unsure: I'll keep it for now, but I'll have to watch it closely. if I get even a hint that it's malfunctioning, I'll rip it out of there faster than you can say LinusTechTips yeah, i've never OC'd before, but how hard could it be? will probably do that tomorrow when i have some free time