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  1. I'm right there with you. I had an issue with my Origin account when it came out, where it couldn't link my EA account to the Origin Account. The service rep just looked at all the games on my EA, and activated them on Origin for me. Really cool dude. Ill continue to defend EA customer service until they do me wrong more than they've done right.
  2. Don't be daft. Every CEO, and even every manager for large companies, know that if you increase profits or cut payroll, your bonus will increase. It is the same with every major company worldwide.
  3. Not all CEOs are corrupt assholes. Jim Sinegal of Costco up until a couple years ago, his salary was a mere 350,000 dollars, and his last year he gave himself a pay cut down below 200,000. He made millions off his company shares, so he had no reason to be taking home a massive salary. Granted, Jim is probably the best CEO this world has ever seen.
  4. They really are grasping at straws now aren't they? Since this whole ruling, I've been seeing a lot more commercials from Cox trying to convince people that 10Mbps is enough for gaming, watching Netflix, streaming music, and downloading files all at the same time. But at the same time, another company (I forget the name) announced some sort of convention coming up soon that will demonstrate to consumers a Gigabit service, and how it will change how you view the internet. I foresee some death throes from the ISPs in the near future, this is just the beginning.
  5. Man you've got some real issues then. I started by updating my amd drivers first. Then I downloaded Win 10 myself from the website Microsoft provided. I had it downloaded and installed in about 30 minutes. Zero issues. All my games were still there, including my blizzard games, and they all run without a hitch. Aside from the visual differences of win 10, I wouldn't know that I upgraded, as everything works as intended. And I thought I would have some issues with my triple crossover setup, but nope, all good.Might I ask, which method did you use to upgrade? Edit: it even carried over all my desktop shortcuts, my theme, my desktop background, screensaver, and my start bat settings from start is back. Lol So good.
  6. Did all you guys totally skip over this part in the article? Professional products only, "Quadro and TESLA."
  7. Holy crap! I can't believe how awesome this is! You guys who haven't played the resto mod, you should. There is not just story fixes and the planet added, but a whole main questline and a couple side quests are all added back into the game. In addition to this, tons of lines of finished dialogue (dare I say hundreds?) have been put back into the game. Many bugs were fixed, and there's quite a few additional things added throughout the rest of the planets you can visit. It is definitely worth playing! The controller and higher than 720p res are just bonuses.
  8. Anyone else annoyed by how misleading that graph is? The scale is all jacked. 200,000 to 20,000, to 2,000. So really what it shows is that after the first month, sales crashed and leveled out with a slight decline. The same as every electronic item EVER.
  9. And things like this are why I use ScriptBlock. I don't enable any flash unless I actually want to see it.
  10. I just got in too, and did Crysis 3 Alpha, BF3 Beta, BF4 Beta, and of course, Hardline. I think I see something in common. Oh, and no Preorder.
  11. Don't forget that a ton of ATM's run Windows as well. :-o
  12. Did people forget that Display Port 1.2a can't drive 4k @ 144hz? So unless they have DP 1.3, I call Bs. And even then 1.3 can only do 4k 120hz, so something here isn't totally truthful.
  13. I love all of these!! From initial reports out here, there were no injuries, and the damage was contained to pretty much the area underneath the roof where it burned, and that it didn't damage anything crucial or anything terribly expensive.
  14. http://www.engadget.com/2015/05/26/apple-arizona-fire/I'm not too sure if this is news worthy. More likely clickbait, but hey, it's Apple! Looks like their solar panels on top of their newly acquired building caught fire somehow. I mean today is the first day of summer really in Arizona, and temps are hitting high 90's and low 100's all over the valley. So I'm thinking Apple should employ some guys to double check their wiring. ;-) Also, I hope the photo loads correctly. Sorry for the quality too, looks like it was shot from a bad sky cam.
  15. DO IT!!! But seriously, why Java? You'd think that anyone that knows how to do this would know how terrible Java is for security. Just weird.