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  1. Thanks. Welcome to the forum by the way
  2. Looking for a mid range colour accurate monitor like a Pro Art monitor. Any suggestions other than a ProArt? Thanks, Blueprint
  3. This instalment, is in particular, over simplified instant action. It screams Battlefront with no real substance at its core. I have played both BF3 and BF4 very extensively and already this game has me worried. Not to mention SWBF is basically dead now.
  4. Yesss dude Glad to see someone else likes it too. Stupendous sound design and atmosphere unlike anything out there. Noisia are a whole level above.
  5. Where/when did they say that the planets couldn't be fully explored?
  6. They said in their most recent gamescom playthrough that you could walk around the entirety of planets.
  7. I know you can completely explore planets but what about space travel? Will it be like lillypads in an ocean where you can only use the warp drive to get there or could you manually travel from planet to planet using the standard thrusters even though it would take a long time? Thanks, Blueprint
  8. As someone so aptly put it, " it has the span of the ocean and the depth of a paddling pool".
  9. Looking at buying a new monitor for creative work, video editing (colour correction and grading) + Photoshop work. Current monitors are not very accurate so looking for one with high colour precision and minimal colour shift from different viewing angles. Budget - £200 (roughly) Spec - 1440p or less. 21:9 is ok too. Thanks, Blueprint
  10. You could put the TV audio (from Wii U) from the headphone jack into your line in port on your pc. Then you can control both the TV volume and the Wii u volume on your pc.
  11. My first stock cooler absolutely sucked. Hitting 90C + when rendering. Bought a hyper 212 evo, never looked back since. Good riddance.
  12. Pretty sure format shifting is legal in the UK for CD's at least. Edit: Welp, misread a title on an article, seems it is although it is such a stupid law.