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  1. LabRat

    Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt. 3 - NO INTERNET

    dude, what the hell is that thing imprinted on the back window of your car? how can you drive around like that?
  2. LabRat

    6M subs do matter!

    anybody notice the text on the chairs and on any of the posters hanging on the walls is backwards> what's the name of that video editor again?........ LOL
  3. LabRat

    GTX 1070 Ti Review.. Oh and Also WTF NVIDIA??

    I watched this video and the only thing I could see is that inch and a half hair growing out of Linus' auricle.
  4. LabRat

    Malwarebytes can't open

    funny, all I could do is quote. don't know why?
  5. LabRat

    Malwarebytes can't open

    try in safe mode......... also, other anti malware and av programs will do this also.
  6. LabRat


    I can remember how expensive all that shit was.
  7. I would try maintaining my HD. clean it out/make sure there's enough space/check page file. do a malware sweep. check internet connection ( assume games are relate to... ). if they run bad on low something else is at fault. maybe heat from cpu and/or graphics card. or maybe the MB is getting hot spots. try redirecting fans to blow down on and across all of board. some games will make your card run hotter as will connection ( hdmi vs DP I've noticed ) makes the board hotter. see if you can disable hdr. replace thermal paste.
  8. LabRat

    8800GT as a PhysX card

    depends on what you're mating it to.
  9. how much ram are you running now? and no, don't waste your money on 1600. been there.
  10. sounds like it needed to be dropped............LOL
  11. so it's not the computer with the 6800k in it? what specs?
  12. dropping it doesn't help. toss it. it's over. since you were able to boot with the laptop drive, maybe reinstall that, boot, and when at desktop you can hook up the bad PC drive and pull data off it? (hot swap- it may find it right away or you may need to reboot for windows to see it. _)
  13. LabRat

    Sapphire using mayonnaise on graphics card

    thermal grizzly . sounds nasty. does it growl and have hair....LOL
  14. sounds like a malware infestation and lack of maintenance.
  15. with the machine off.......... reset jumper on the motherboard or remove battery for a minute and replace . ( same way you took it out )