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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from Lenovich in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    I think I created a post on this once but last year my dad found his first computer, the Osborne 1. It was the first commercially successful portable microcomputer, and when I say 'portable' and 'microcomputer' I mean it's nearly the size of an ATX Mid-tower. Back when my dad got this in 1982 it cost nearly $3,000cad. With inflation, this computer is $7k+ in today's money. 
    The OS floppy disk is missing though so it won't boot up but we are keeping this relic around. 

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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to Nine Tailed Fox in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    Ordered my first Ducky keyboard..
    Shine 7 Gunmetal MX Silver
    17th expected shipping

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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to Big Nav in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    Corsair K68 MX Cherry red. My 1st mechanical keyboard, I really like too!

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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to Dissitesuxba11s in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    A bit of a surprise this morning, the C3 Tangerines came in today! (Sorry for the crappy photo)

    First impressions, these are really smooth! Probably the one of the smoothest stock switches that I've used (granted I only clicked a switch at a time). Comparing these to Black Ink, Creams, Tealios, and Linjars, they are comparatively smooth but have less spring ping at stock. I now get it why these are so hyped about.
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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to Jurrunio in Is Easy OC Safe?   
    No because even if the game only uses 1 core, the OS will try use different cores. 2 core, 3 core and so on boost limits for 8086k is also identical as 8700k, not just all core.
    not optimal but going any further with auto OC is an even worse idea. Need to put OP back to manual OC first, then talk about how far he could try
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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to MofoSilver in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    - Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master
    - Ryzen 9 3900X (12 cores/24 threads)
    - be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler
    - Sabrent Rocket 2 TB NVMe PCI Gen 4
    - TridentZ 32 GB DDR4-3200 CL14 RAM
    - Seasonic FOCUS PX-750 PSU
    - Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL ROG Case
    - Nvidia Geforce GTX1080 (from old PC, waiting for GTX 3XXX)

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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in Is Easy OC Safe?   
    Not sure why it says so but that definitely is not the max boost. That 8086k is a binned 8700k and can easily sustain an all core OC of 5.0Ghz or higher. My 8700k handles 5.1GHz (delid) no issues. 
    Do as @ShrimpBrime said.
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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to ShrimpBrime in Is Easy OC Safe?   
    I would leave EVERYTHING on auto except two things.
    1. set all core multiplier in bios to 50x
    2. Enable XMP if not already.
    And done. The 8086K is generally a very exceptional version of the 8700K. 
    Should be 5ghz at around 1.350v (give or take 0.010v)
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from Steel Zen in How much watts do I need for UPS for my PC?   
    Yeah APC is good, and 325W is enough, I mean the MAX draw of your system is only around 300-350W and that is never sustained for long periods. You would have enough time to shut the system off if the power went out (audible warning).
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from Steel Zen in How much watts do I need for UPS for my PC?   
    Honestly a 450W UPS would do fine, even if the power goes out you'll have a good 20min at least. Cyperpower makes a good UPS, I have a 900W and 450W unit from them.
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from gloop in Key Switch Recommendation   
    Just ordered a GMMK Full Size keyboard!
    Kinda wanted a TKL but they didn't have any in stock. 

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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from Eschew in Key Switch Recommendation   
    Just ordered a GMMK Full Size keyboard!
    Kinda wanted a TKL but they didn't have any in stock. 

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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to sowon in Key Switch Recommendation   
    If you like Browns, I'm almost certain you're going to like Zeal's Zealios V2 switches. They put the Browns' tactile bump to shame. It's like a road bump on steroids.
    Absolutely not. O-rings in my experience barely dampen any sound/bottom-out pressure, if anything, they make the bottom-out feel mushy and the sound really hollow. Would advise against O-rings unless you find you have hearing-sensitive roommates/parents.
    Not sure there's anything more to add as Kevin and Eschew have advised on pretty much all your queries for the most part.
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from Bloody-George in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Nice build! Get yourself a 3840x1080 wallpaper  
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from marmour in 32 in monitor   
    Find out then, I'd be surprised if it did not turn off. All monitors I've had with RGB or LEDs had an option to dim and turn off the feature. 
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from Eschew in Key Switch Recommendation   
    Okay cool, I mean this is just a starting point, I see that PCGamingRace also has a test pack with all their switch types so I may give that a try as well (only $14cad).
    That's okay hahaha I do appreciate the suggestions I am interested in the Zealio V2, and Holy Pandas. I will look into those!
    Thank you for this! Very helpful! I am leaning towards getting the Gat Blacks and Kailh Purples for now, as well as the Sample Pack. Once I get my keyboard I am going to get some other switches, if either of those options steer me in a specific direction. I likely will try the Tangerines and likely the Zealio V2s. 
    Gonna skip out on the O-rings, no keyboard I have used has had them so I don't see the necessity. 
    You are most welcome! It's a great guide and very informative, clearly you put a lot of work into that!
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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to Eschew in Key Switch Recommendation   
    Hey there. Hm... No first-hand experience with Kailh PRO Purples, but I've heard that while the switch is smooth, the tactile bump isn't very noticeable.
    Gonna throw you some other well-received tactile switches for you to consider, I believe they all have more pronounced tactility and smoother keystrokes if compared to the Cherry MX Browns. Note that I haven't touched any of these, so I can't comment on how they actually feel. 😅
    Hako Clear/True: Available for $4.99 per 10pcs on Kono Store (Clear, True). Hako Royal Clear/True: Available for $5.50 per 10pcs on NovelKeys. Zealio V2: Available for $10 per 10pcs on ZealPC. Holy Panda: Available for $70 per 70pcs, $85 per 90 pcs, or $100 per 110pcs on Drop.  
    Gateron Blacks and Kailh BOX Blacks are both heavy linears (≈ 60g actuation force) and are both available as default switch options for a customizable GMMK. Would also like to mention that Gat Blacks are good at stock and smoother when lubed, and Kailh BOX Blacks are another good stock choice but don't take well to lubrication.
    The GMMK's hot-swappable PCB is designed to fit plate-mounted switches. Some PCB-mounted switches (e.g. Zealios) can be irreversibly converted to plate-mounted switches by snipping off the two plastic prongs on either the side of the middle prong.
    The C³ Tangerines appear to be PCB-mounted switches, and are officially sold by TheKey.Company (through group buys, I think). Unsure whether you'll be able to find them on marketplaces like Amazon or Banggood, but you could try?
    O-rings soften the clack sound and feel of your keyboard by cushioning the keystroke when bottoming out. I've read that they aren't recommended -- perhaps even redundant -- if you're using tactile switches and don't fully bottom out on your keystrokes.
    Also thank you for the shout out and the kind words. I am humbled. ❤️
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from Mateyyy in Looking for Budget Motherboards and CPUs, any reccomendations?   
    That is a budget best suited for the used market, right now anything worthwhile buying that is new costs $130 just on the CPU side, never mind a motherboard.
    Look for a used quad core i5/i7 with a motherboard and integrated graphics that would be your best bet. 
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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to zeusthemoose in Is there any way I could do a PC build with you guys?   
    And those are almost impossible to get. If I remember correctly, those tickets sell out almost immediately.
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from zeusthemoose in Is there any way I could do a PC build with you guys?   
    Yeah that is correct. 
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from Eschew in Key Switch Recommendation   
    Okay so I just read through @Eschew amazing and very detailed Introduction to Custom Mechanical Keyboards (go check it out if you haven't already, and toss a like). I don't want to muck up the comments section with all my question so I decided to create a separate post. 
    So to put it bluntly I am basically a key switch noob. I mean I have some experience with different switches but outside of the standard BS gaming keyboards I really know nothing.
    I LOVE Cherry MX browns, and my only other more extensive experience is with Romer-G Tactile, Cherry MX Blue, Red, and Speed Silvers. Of those the Cherry MX Speed Silver is easily my least favorite. MX's blues are fine (loud but I don't mind them), Reds are also meh.
    I really like the tactile MX Brown switch, I know key switch preference is subjective but the tactile click and actuation point of them feel 'right'. I've used MX Browns for 5+ years now, it is my switch of choice for typing (as of now), right now I own a Cherry MX Brown Logitech G610, a Cherry MX Brown Corsair K70 LUX, and a Cherry MX Red Corsair K63 Wireless (used with lapboard for couch gaming).
    I am looking to get a GMMK full size keyboard with 3-4 different switch types. https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/gmmk-full-brown-switch
    If anyone has suggestions or input I am very interested in a discussion about it!
    As of now here are my thoughts.
    I don't necessarily want something too similar to Cherry MX Browns, the purpose of this is to try different switches that I think I may like. The end goal being after several months I find something I really like, and then build my own keyboard with that switch type. I will use each switch type for at least a month.
    Tactile - Again I want something different from Browns, I think I want to give Kailh Purples a try, but are the to similar?
    Linear - Traditionally my least favorite but I am thinking I want to give the Gateron Blacks a try? The heavier weight may offset what I dislike about the feeling of linear switches, Speed Silvers in particular feel way to light weight.
    In the LTT Mechanical Keyboard Switch roundup the Tangerines seemed to be the most popular, those are not available on PCGamingRace, could I buy elsewhere and would they be compatible with the GMMK full size? 
    Clicky - I think I want to go for Gateron Greens, not something I would normally try but I almost want to see how the heavier switch feels, or would the Kailh Box White's be better? They seem to be a more poplar choice. 
    Dampen with O-Rings, what is this lol, is this necessary? 
    @kelvinhall05 @seon123 @sowon you all seem knowledgeable in this area, if you have any recommendations or insights that would be awesome! If not no pressure haha  
    Thanks in advance!
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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to minibois in Is there any way I could do a PC build with you guys?   
    Keep in mind this is a community forum and LMG staff aren't active at all times.
    The best opportunity to build a PC with Linus would be ROGReboot (assuming that is going to happen once more). They wouldn't be able to 'just' invite anyone to the studio, as that would take a lot of time out of their busy days.
    Plus letting someone wonder around your studio would be a major safety risk. Even more so now than ever.
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from marmour in 32 in monitor   
    It does, 100mmx100mm
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    TheDailyProcrastinator got a reaction from Nohemi in Is it still a bad time to buy pc parts? Critique my Plan   
    AMD is launching new CPU's (likely late 2020) but a 3600 is a damn good gaming CPU regardless and I highly doubt an new R5 4600 would cost the same as the 3600 does right now. And Nvidia is launching new GPU's, likely in the next few months, but they will all be out of budget, as the mid-lower end cards typically launch much later (if past Nvidia launches are anything to go by). The Rx 5700XT is nearly a 2070S equal with regards to gaming, and costs less than a 2060S, to me even now it's a great buy. AMD will also launch Big Navi possibly this year, but it may be Christmas time by the time new GPU's are obtainable. 
    I would not have any buyers remorse with a 3600 and RX 5700XT at $900 all in, you can game at 1080p 144FPs+ high-ultra settings. I got an RX 5700 a month ago and I am pretty impressed with it, outperforms my GTX 1080. 
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    TheDailyProcrastinator reacted to Mateyyy in Do you think an i7-8700K will bottleneck a 3080 Ti? (1440p)   
    We don't know the performance of the 3080Ti and we don't know the requirements of Cyberpunk, so...
    It'll probably be fine. The 8700K is still a more than capable chip, and playing at 1440p will ease the load on the CPU a bit anyway.