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  1. not sure if you are done searching, but personally I have the 3070FE in the ncase m1 and it's amazing. You are able to fit two full-size 120mm fans below it so temps can be very very good. That is my recommendation. best of luck, Jake
  2. 3-dot menu>refresh sensor detection, maybe? What system are you running this on?
  3. you definitely could set a curve. I ended up using the fancontrol app posted on the forums here, it's amazing. very lightweight and sets everything automatically on boot. I would do a simple graph where the fans are at their lowest speed until the cpu gets to maybe 70 degrees, then go to 90 or 100%. since you have a 360rad it will take a long time at idle for the water to warm up, the passive cooling ability of that size radiator is very good. best of luck, jake
  4. It's only 30 dollars lower than newegg price so could be legitimate...can you pay with paypal? I was going to look but don't want to sign up. If paypal is an option, I would go for it and be ready to spend the time with fraud claim just in case.
  5. No, that won't cause problems. I'm not sure whether the AIO is the one at 900RPM or 1700 but either way that is fairly low for an AIO pump. The pump on my be quiet 240mm goes up to 5,000RPM for reference. I also had a cheap one (brand was ID-cooling) that maxxed out at 2,000rpm. Sorry, I see you have the same brand of AIO. Your pump probably has the same 2,000RPM top speed. Still I don't think you will be causing any damage to it by running near top speed. I mean that is what they are made for. Just keep an eye on temps. If you see sudden spikes down the road, it's likely going to
  6. Yeah I'm well aware of what I am talking about, and the "af" is not an official part of the name of the cpu. It's two letters in the middle of the full model number. The OP says they have a 1600, they could have the 1600 with 'ae' in the model number, or the one with 'af'. Which leads back to what I said in my post. just trying to add accurate information. maybe you are confused about which post you replied to.. because the OP didn't say they 'will be getting' anything. he/she said they have a 1600 lying around.
  7. not necessarily, some of the 1600's are 12nm zen+ instead of 14mm zen. which essentially makes it the same as r5\2600
  8. my 5800x is working great with -30 all cores. interesting the OP says they went -35 on some cores but I thought the maximum offset is +\-30??
  9. b550 phantom gaming itx has 2.5g lan, type C 10gbit header, plus two 10gbit USB ports on rear I/O. one of them is type A, the other type C. that's my vote
  10. On that PC with locked BIOS, after computer restart, ryzen master doesn't do anything until you open it and manually re-apply settings. So, if you had two cores disabled, or OC'd to 10,000 Ghz, and set voltage to 30, and then got blue screen, upon restart everything is back to stock until ryzen master is re-opened AND settings are re-applied. Point being, you have nothing to worry about, after restart everything is back to normal. If you want to start over with safe OC, I would uninstall the program and...start over. best of luck. Also just a word of wisd
  11. smartest thing to do would be to watch one of the AMD cpu drop discord channels and get the 5900x that way
  12. I got an email from amazon within 24 hours after the item (cou) shipped. It came to the email registered to my prime account.
  13. thank you sherlock. nothing is concrete and at stock on my motherboard it was getting between 550 and 575. Unless you were at my house and saw the numbers for yourself, and also I am blind and cannot read. That's possible, right?
  14. sorry for the double post but to answer your question, no, the IPC does not make up for having two fewer cores. cinebenchr20 multi-core on 5600x was around 4700 at best with 4.7ghz all-core OC. 3800xt max score is around 5200 stock. No real room for OC on the one I have. people over-estimate the single core advantage of the zen3 parts. Yes, it's better than zen2. But 3800xt single thread is really not that far behind. r20 single core of 530, vs 560ish for 5600x. If you plan on doing anything other than gaming, I think you'd be better off going for the 8 core cpu..just
  15. I was in same exact situation , got the 3800xt for $330 and the 5600x ended up arriving a week later. Ultimately I sold the 5600x for a $75 profit, and kept the 3800xt. However that was three weeks ago...I have since bought and sold enough 5600x's to pay for the 5800x arriving in a few days. Will sell the 3800xt locally at cost. The other bonus if you keep the 5600x, you can use stock cooler. Whereas the 3800xt needs something beefy (preferably liquid) to keep cool.