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  1. The problem is that Python is very special. Unlike C, Python does not have much in common with other languages - except some of Lisp, that is.
  2. Or that your employer sucks. Sure, for scripting tasks Pascal (and C) might be way too much, but (e.g.) Delphi drives a few popular file managers for good reasons.
  3. Just because hipster millennials despise a language because it's not Something 2.0 by default, it is not "close to dead". Yep, even Pascal is quite a common language. 1. Are you aware of the Obfuscated Python Contest? 2. Learning other languages from Python is much harder than learning Python last.
  4. I found that to be much easier in C++ than in ASM.
  5. Dat Guy

    give me your website-ideas

    Something like the Distrochooser, but for programming languages.
  6. Depending on your keyboard, you might be interested in a programmable keyboard controller which works on any platform without additional software once it's configured.
  7. +1 for KeePass which has quite a lot of clients for all relevant platforms.
  8. Dat Guy

    PHP Microframeworks

    Why do you want to use a framework? What is your use case?
  9. Don't. Python has a lot of syntax quirks, and by "a lot" I mean "the whole Python language is a syntax quirk". Learn Lisp (Racket or Common Lisp), Pascal/Delphi, Perl or (if you're like me) C instead. Unless job security is what matters most to you (see the graph above) - in this case you might want to learn COBOL, COBOL developers have a lifetime job security these days. But COBOL is an acquired taste.
  10. Dat Guy

    How to start coding in more profesional compilers.

    JavaScript cannot technically be "compiled" into an executable file - it can only be compiled to bytecode which needs to be "interpreted" in a dedicated virtual machine, similar to Java and, of all things, Perl 6.
  11. Dat Guy

    Android studio "Tool Windows" is weird

    Huh? It looks exactly like it should.
  12. * had I would never have bought Affinity Designer if Inkscape was a viable solution. /me waves frantically Terrible. The word you were looking for is terrible.
  13. Which is a feature in my opinion. By the way, Solaris actually is a real Unix. Why would you want to use the copy? Getting rid of Adobe is fine - the major problem is that Unices and Unix-like operating systems (which are not macOS) suffer from a severe lack of graphics applications which are even good enough. I would love to see Affinity's awesome suite ported to them. This is a false statement. Windows has always supported to replace the standard "Explorer" (or, before that, "Program Manager") by your own executable, e.g. Blackbox, Cairo Shell or KDE for Windows. Feel free to do so. That ended with systemd.
  14. Alternative, more mature operating systems like Solaris and BSD, mostly.