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    Intel® Core™ i7–4720HQ Quad-Core processor with Hyper Threading 2.6GHZ / 3.6GHz (Base / Turbo)
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    Mobile Intel® PCHM 8 series chipset, HM87
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    16GB dual-channel onboard memory (DDR3L-1600MHz)
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    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970M (3GB GDDR5 VRAM)
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    14.0" IGZO QHD+ 16:9 Ratio, 3200x1800, with LED backlight, capacitive multi-touch
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    Razer DeathStalker-like
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    Synaptics Touchpad
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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  1. Put Creative Cloud, Windows, and current project files on an SSD for sure. Also Ryzen. You'll probably multitask a lot and 8c/16t will do better than 6c/12t in your use case.
  2. Please wait until Ryzen Mobile or Kaby Lake Refresh/Coffee Lake. Even if you end up buying an 'old' KB laptop, the price will probably be lower then it was before the new silicon released.
  3. QHD+. Works fine now tough. Just gotta deal with its problems until Ryzen Mobile/Windows on ARM at this point.
  4. My Razer Blade 2015 is not shutting down. I press the power button, it's still on. I hold the power button, and it's still on. Right now I took it off battery power, and it should run out soon. It's cold, fans running full blast, backlight still adjustable. Other than that it does a whole lot of nothing. Display backlight is off. Last thing I did was use the shutdown command. I don't know what to do.
  5. I mean, I'll be there, I could post live updates. Probably on Reddit live or Medium.
  6. Would it matter? Still gives us tons of info, and it has to be based on Vega's actual architecture or AMD might have gotten themselves into a bit of gaps advertising trouble.
  7. As far as I can tell, you're only going to be gaming. Though 1700 is a much better price/perf part than 1800x if you really want 8 cores.
  8. Ir you're just going to game and you're concerned about future thread usage I'd go with a 6 core Ryzen or Intel HEDT (fancy i7) CPU. Probably Ryzen, so you help prevent a monopoly.
  9. No, I can't, because I don't have a Ryzen CPU and I don't have an Ivy Bridge CPU, and if I did there would still be a lot of other factors in play. Different apps utilize resources differently. These CPU's are built differently, performance depends on workload, even in single-threaded apps. I assume you'll be doing something like rendering or virtualization if you're getting so many cores, or you're falling into the 'Bulldozer trap.' These workloads should be pretty much identical on both. But you say that want single-threaded performance, in which case you should go with something like a quad core i7. However, if you could tell us what you want to do, we'd be able to help you out a lot more.
  10. No, no, these are different architectures, kind of like how Skylake is faster than Haswell at the same clock speed. What CPU do you have? What do you do on your computer?
  11. That depends on what Ivy Bridge CPU he has and what he does with his PC.
  12. What are you going to use your system for?