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    Computer technology, gaming, and food.
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    A tech enthusiast that's just having fun.
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    Online/Mobile Account Security


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    i7 5820K 4.0Ghz 6-Core
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    Asus X99 Deluxe
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    32GB DDR 4 2400Mhz
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    Titan V & 2060 Super
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    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
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    1.5TB SSD, 15.25TB External
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    EVGASupernova G2 1000W
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    ASUS PG348Q + MG278Q
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    Noctua NH D15S
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    Razer Huntsman Elite
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    Razer Naga Chroma
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    Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 + Sennheiser HD598
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    MacOS 10.15 & Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I'm a pal of a collector that specializes in only getting 3dfx prototypes. Bought one from him. He has several rampage prototypes also, even a working one.
  2. Blasphemy! The I have two cards with modded HSF's, the 5500 PCI, and a 5800 Prototype.
  3. Yes, I own a V5 6000. I also know Anthony that's making the new V5 6000 clones. Last time I took a photo of my baby to prove it as mine.
  4. Two absolute rare beauties I found recently. 3dfx powered Arcade board, for Golden Tee. Also a sealed new, Japanese only V3 3000 minibox. It's so small compared to the normal US, and EU retail boxes!
  5. Uniting a classic with it's new boxed home, and goodies.
  6. When I finally moved to all NVMe storage, and my only SATA SSD/HDDs are external raids.
  7. Me with my 5950X that boosts to 5.2Ghz for single core.
  8. Also missing, got the entire little thing for next to nothing. It still works thankfully.
  9. This little Quantum3D Raven arrived a while back, no heatsink and a dirty heart. She’s now been cleansed and clad with a new heatsink. Happy days!
  10. Yes it does, although it's a revision that doesn't handle FSAA X4 or X8 sadly. It'll crash on those; but does FSAA X2 perfectly fine. The card on the back of the box is actually my own one. I even printed the vinyl fan stickers for it myself.
  11. Heyo! A home for my V5 6000! My little home made retro project.
  12. Robert Hallock said their might be a parasitic background app. So I removed any RGB control software, and Epic games launcher. Issue was still somewhat present, turned out when DropBox, and iCloud Drive are syncing lots of files it will also peg the CPU; Although afterwards it's now fine. iCue, Asus Armory / Aura Sync, and Epic were my main issues. I'm now running the latest AMD chipset drivers, windows 10 20H update, and balanced power plan. Idle temps are now fine.
  13. I'm getting completely messed up idle temps on my 5950X with Noctua D15s. I'm idling in the 70's I get LOWER temps under load than on idle on the desktop. it's the CPU voltage, and the Windows power plans. It's jacking the voltage on the desktop when "idling", then when I apply load to the CPU. Cinebench, gaming, AID64, the voltage normalises, and temps are great. I get lower temps under max load, and the CPU ACTUALLY idles on the Power Saver plan in Windows, but not on Balance and Performance.
  14. A little piece of new old stock I found. Got two in the end.