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  1. So you bought a new cpu(ryzen)/mainboard/ram/ssd + ur old gpu? and its much better now? How would u rate it overall? like 50% better or 70%?
  2. But maybe some flickering edges are normal? maybe all is fixed now? or u think the flickering wasnt there for you before?
  3. @BuckGup How is testing going? did u test more games?
  4. Can u tell us, which mainboard and Ram u bought?
  5. There cant be anything else to be the reason than Ryzen. I tried everything , changing components one by one amd and intel . If its working its ryzen.
  6. For god sake, can u fking Shut the fuck up, im getting tired reading your bullshit. You have no fking clue about the issue. Dont act like u do. Guys stop fking argue or discuss with people, u dont have to prove them anything, if they dont belive , dont start to discuss , its a damn fking waste of time and just spams thread again and again with useless spam. Just post if u have smth to say we didnt already said like a thousands of time. Reading people with posts like : maybe reinstalling windows fixes or windows 8.1 god damn etc , did you even read anything?. This issue wouldnt exist for like 4 years or more if it would be like that easy or? I can understand people dont belive but stop try to prove them, u literally cant do it , atleast not completly, u cant show the full issue via a Video or picture, thats is why trying to do side by side videos wont help in any way , i already did that and people couldnt understand bc its not showing correctly. They always come up with smth different. Can we just wait a few days for the guy who will test the Ryzen setup?!
  7. U wont fix this issue via changing components one by one, atleast these are my expierences. Also I reinstalled Windows like 20times since i got the issue last summer. I tried 7/8.1/10. Go google the issue and u will see this problem exists for atleast 5 years. Dont waste ur time on things people already tried, i did that too . Just a time waste + frustration.
  8. Some people already tried linux without succes.
  9. It rly could be smth with cpu, bc Elijah also said smth about that the issue is probably related to the Northbridge and since this is controlled by the CPU , it might be that new new RX cpu does smth different or better idk. So this for now is probably the best thing u can try, but remember that u also need a compatible mainboard.