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  1. Banned for not mentioning that i am infact a golden ace not a regular ace
  2. Banned because it isn't 6 pm here
  3. If you remove the side panel then your pc will have better cooling, although it's not a good permanent solution, if that's what you are going for
  4. I have a prebuilt with a 1650 right now. Most powerful machine i have ever owned and is a beast in the games I play
  5. I think you misunderstood. The OP asked if his GPU was bottlenecking his PC, which would mean he was inquiring if he had a situation where his CPU was being bottlenecked. So @SupaKomputa is right in saying the GPU is the bottleneck. You probably got the two mixed up
  6. Maybe place a third slab in the middle to take up some weight?
  7. Exactly what I was thinking. There is no inherent disadvantage to plugging in two cables and each cable will theoretically have less power to deal with, so may as well go for it
  8. Nope. The wires will only provide however much power the card wants to draw
  9. 90 percent sure that there is no difference between either choice. AFAIK one cable should be able to handle it but might as well plug seperate cables in it for insurance
  10. So looks like the main thing is to stay grounded. Ill be sure to do that then Thank you guys for the help!
  11. I heard that cleaning your pc with a vacuum cleaner is not recommended since it can cause static problems and such, but would using a vacuum cleaner with a air blowing out mode instead of sucking in still be detrimental?
  12. He's saying that for gaming what CPU you have doesn't really matter, since the GPU will be doing most of the work in 4K
  13. @jj9987 it seems to be a b450 gaming plus