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  1. I noticed that games that have TAA's "Temporal anti-aliasing" as Battlefield 1 and fallout 4 ,it's the only anti aliasing that works very well for me
  2. I had the same problem as you but after I moved to another apartment, I tried several games (deus ex mankind divided, doom, no man sky) and I have no problem and the quality of the graphics is better. I have the ps4 pro and i tried killzone 3 and bloodborne is the quality of graphics is terrible, i thought my ps4 is infecte but after buying uncharted 4 oh my god it's the best graphic game .Now i think i have this problem only on some games (the witcher 3 , firewatch...)
  3. so if I completely changed my pc my problem will be solved? You're sure about that?
  4. I tried no man sky and quantum break and have works very well without aliasing, is that someone has tried this games ?
  5. I have to buy a gigabyte gtx1070 but the problem has not been solved, I'm really desperate
  6. I have a friend who has the same problem as us, he has to buy a 4K monitor ( asus pg348q + gtx 1080 ) the problem is solved for him,the (Pixelated Shadows Texture Pop Ins Low Draw Distance in all games) are missing in games, I think it is the only solution
  7. all games using anti aliasing TAA seems to work very well as Fallout 4 or star wars batllefront, I hope that it will be used in all the games that it will come out
  8. No one has ever believed this theory, one must take a test to confirm whether or not this theory
  9. have you tried the pc of your friend in your house? if yes so what is the result?
  10. it remains that a single solution that must be tested is : UPS + stabilizer
  11. I think there is no solution to our problem, I think that we have to live with this problem and hoped that one day a solution appears as a miracle
  12. the 1080 gtx lets you activate DSR 2k or 4k to reduce the problem
  13. before installing your new gpu gtx 1080 you have formatted your pc ?
  14. I've done a search on youtube I think it was an electrical problem. " Hey guys I suffer from this problem since 2012 and I cried like a baby many times but ìiiiiiiifound the solution that I swear solve this weird first I fix this with txaa anti aliasing from ubisoft guys you can try any game that supports it to believe . Second not many games supports it so I tried many things and I found that this problem cause By bad voltage from electricity and I bought ups and stabilizer and the problem completely disappear.   " " Guys you need a different home away from your area"