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    Twitter is toxic and i dont use it.

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    Science, Computers, Politics, video games, military theory, history.
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    I was born at some point. Asexual but I dont obsess over it. Its just who I am and i am not special in any way because of it.
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    Xeon X3470 4 core cpu
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    Some HP motherboard
  • RAM
    12gb ddr3
  • GPU
    GTX 1050 2gb
  • Case
    Some HP case
  • Storage
    500gb hdd
    250gb SSD
    SATA 2
  • PSU
    Some HP PSU
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    Hp 22eb monitor 1080p60

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  1. see my evidence from my screenshots of hoi4. The ocean borders arent supposed to be like that.
  2. Okat guys this is really wierd but i was poking around with various graphics settings in nvidia control pannel(NOT THE ONES AT THE TOP THE RESOLUTION SETTINGS AND STUFF). And the issue appears to be kinda sorta better now in a wierd way? Not entirely sure tough and need to do more tests. Definitly not completly fixed tho.
  3. We need to design an experiment here and a hypothesis. :Hypothesis to test: This has somthing to do with the hdmi cable or monitor. Experiment steps: Download this:(Free game that displays this issue on a consistant title screen) https://github.com/rudderbucky/shellcore Open the game and record a 10 second video of the title screen. Try this using various different hdmi cables(by this i mean different hdmi versions and different cable qualities[premium vs cheep for example], monitor settings and monitors, always including the EXACT settings you used and m
  4. can we discuss it here not on discord? That just fragments the base of people trying to solve the issue.
  5. Title. I want to upgrade my near 11yr old cpu to something a bit newer. Note just doing this because i need a cheep cpu that preforms well. I have a gpu allready but it is low end albiet probably better then an igpu(gtx 1050 2gb). If there is a way to run igpu accelerated workloads that would be really good. NOTE i mean for a resasonable price. This might be asking a bit much but still. They are like 200 bucks on ebay. for a ryzen 3.
  6. This looks like a completly different issue. Regardless hope u can solve it soon.
  7. Please tell us the link to the video. This could fix all of our issues.
  8. Ive decided im going to try to get a cheep ryzen apu. Does anyone know if you can run a gtx 1050 and a ryzen igpu in tandem somehow?
  9. 16gb. Not sure of speed but that really isnt my priority anyway. To my knowlage ram speed makes a negligable difference.
  10. Also i think i can get duel channel ddr4 for around 40 dolars on ebay. Keep in mind i dont need new ram im fine with used ram.
  11. Ryzen rn just seems too expensive. Just out of curiosity(awnser to this is probably no) Would a new intel i3 or somthing be worth it? Purely due to its low price? Like a brand new comet lake one or whatever lake intel is on now. Also my cpu is lynnfield i think, not westmere. Probably not a big difference tho.
  12. Hoi4 runs bad. And so does modded minecraft. And its old and might not hold up much longer. Its like 11 years old at this point. Also doing some tests to fix an issue that no one seems to be able to fix. This probably wont fix it but who knows it might. This is the bug if your currious. Current specs: CPU: Xeon X3470 2.9ghz GPU: GTX 1050 2gb(I would upgrade this but i wana wait untill gpu prices go down) RAM: 12gb ddr3 PSU: some prebuilt PSU MOBO: HP z200 motherboard.(Doesnt even support SATA 3 and need external bluetooth adatptor)