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  1. TheDankKoosh

    Decent 1080ti OC?

    Only very slightly, there is a fine line of how clocks affect power consumption, where 50mhz will probably only make few watt difference. I know the difference between heat and temperature, when my components heat up, they are running less efficiently, correct? That decrease in efficiency will bring my clocks down significantly due to power limit throttling, also, since I have 225w running through my card my vrm is also losing more to it's efficiency curve it affects me even more.
  2. TheDankKoosh

    Decent 1080ti OC?

    Power throttling due to the heat climbing, the vrm and die become less efficient and consume enough extra power to make clocks go down.
  3. TheDankKoosh

    Decent 1080ti OC?

    Heat power loss..... At max fans it doesn't go above 60
  4. TheDankKoosh

    Decent 1080ti OC?

    It can hit those clocks for a little while before heat power loss and gpu boost start to throttle it down, this is in furmark as well.
  5. TheDankKoosh

    Decent 1080ti OC?

    Explain how my 1070 ti hits a 2050 mhz ceiling, even though it's stable at higher clocks. I could easily hit 2125 on this with a higher power limit.
  6. TheDankKoosh

    Decent 1080ti OC?

    If you'd like to push your 1080 ti to the absolute max you'll need one of the high power limit vbios. I believe the amp extreme has the highest power limit, so here's a vbios dump https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/192147/zotac-gtx1080ti-11264-170327
  7. TheDankKoosh

    Decent 1080ti OC?

    Pascal is limited primarily due to power limits, adding voltage could end up lessening how high it can clock due to hitting the power ceiling. My 1070 ti is limited in that way, and I'd need to flash a new vbios with a higher power limit if I wanted to adjust voltage.
  8. TheDankKoosh

    Hynix c-die/cjr

    Hey everyone, I wanted to make a topic on any and all information about hynix's newest dram die. I would like to get as much info together to help determine which kits are most definitely c-die and not disguised as other die's. Similar to what the tech community has done for samsung b-die. Any help is appreciated
  9. TheDankKoosh

    Has anyone here ever "Baked" a GPU back to life?

    It's fully dependent on whatever is causing the problem, the majority of successful attempts most likely have something a bit off on the die itself, with both heat and cold sometimes correcting it. baking is not recommended at all though, instead, use a heat gun if you believe the problem is die related.
  10. The v1605 is already very efficient and much more powerful than this, seeing as it is whats being used in the smach z. I'm waiting for 7nm zen 2 with navi for graphics, that's where I think apu will start launching off in many of these embedded machines like we're seeing today. Here's to hoping that zen 2 mobile and embedded apus support ddr4 3000 so they can receive some of the extra bandwidth needed to feed it.
  11. TheDankKoosh

    Error 43 on a new install of RTX 2080 Ti could it be V-BIOS issue?

    Try flashing a fresh V-BIOS otherwise you might be toast due to a possible dead card, also, don't bother with the psu snob, your unit isn't optimal for a setup like yours, but it'll work fine for the time being.
  12. Pirate bay is looking like a more enticing game platform each and every day XD
  13. TheDankKoosh

    RTX Woes

    Turing has terrible core oc headroom due to nvidia power limits, so I have yet to see any turing card hit 2100mhz on air while my 1070 ti can do it all day. After experimenting with a couple of my friend's cards (these are the non binned versions), they can't even hit 2ghz sustained with a +20% power limit, maybe the binned versions can squeeze out that extra 50mhz or so, but ALL pascal cards could easily hit the 2050mhz mark. Compare that to vega 56 which at stock hits around 1350mhz but after a little undervolting and raising the power limit, you can get it to 1550 easily, if you flash a v64 bios you can get memory around the 1k mark pretty easily as well, though turing does have terrific memory overclocking to compete with that.
  14. TheDankKoosh

    RTX Woes

    That's the 56 in stock configuration, which is garbage, when undervolted the v56 and 2060 will perform similarly, also, the v56 has a lot to gain from overclocking compared to turing, where turing has pretty bad core oc potential.
  15. What board are you using that needs a modded bios to oc on x79?