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  1. Some airflow being along the lines of just being in a case with a few fans, meanwhile that list puts the gigabyte gaiming 7 and the msi M7 on the same tier as the x570 tuf plus prime pro and strix-f despite those asus boards having MUCH more capable vrms.
  2. I believe that list is highly flawed and isn't fully based on testing. For instance with a little airflow the tomahawk can max out a 3900x (1.3v max clock speed). It is very hard to try and max out a 3950x on the tomahawk and definitely not recommended
  3. b450 tomahawk max is cheaper and a much better board with built-in support for ryzen 3000 https://www.morecomputers.com/a?pid=B450 TOMAHAWK MAX>>MSI&referer=PCPart
  4. Those motherboards are wayy too expensive to be practical to be paired with a 2600x, so while I agree with you about the voltage tolerance, nobody needs a $200+ mobo for a $120 cpu
  5. Ryzen master has no area that shows vrm temperatures as far as I know so you'd need to look into hwinfo to be sure, as for a good board the b450(m) gaming plus (max) or a cheaper alternative could be the b450 pro4(m)
  6. That motherboard has a pretty mediocre vrm which may be the issue here, a maxed out 2600x will pull around 85A which may overheat that vrm, I'd suggest downloading hwinfo and trying to find the specific sensor for it.
  7. Having your ram at 2133 will be pretty detrimental honestly, gaming loads are very sensitive to latency and your latency at 2133 jedec timings will raise your latency by 30-50% this will affect your 1% and .1% lows the most giving out more stuttery gameplay.
  8. I don't think that your case in particular is indicative of compatability for the 3700x, I believe that your cpu has a faulty memory controller since it seems that you've had the ram working with its xmp profile on your old system.
  9. Your dimms might just be faulty if you're having this much trouble, which honestly sucks, here's a link to some good xmp ram that should just work with your 3700x/x570 board. It might also be possible that you have a faulty memory controller, which you should be able to return since the 3700x is advertised as being capable of 3200mhz speeds (which there is a jedec spec for 3200 cl22 1.2v).
  10. This is entirely wrong for several reasons, first off, the jedec maximum ddr4 voltage is 1.5v, which means that (current) modules can handle 1.5v without degradation, secondly ddr4 does not pull enough power to heat itself up to a dangerous temperature unless you're pushing 2v though them, thirdly, there are current modules that are sold in 1.45v and 1.5v bins, so manufacturers have tested this extensively to the point of being fine with pushing these kinds of voltages.
  11. Welp, that's disappointing to hear. May just end up returning this and grabbing a refurb s8 or s9
  12. Hello everyone, I seem to be having some issues with my redmi note 7 that I just received for Christmas. I cannot seem to get WiFi calling working, even after using several dialpad workarounds, I know that the phone has to support it to some degree, any help is appreciated. Carrier is T-MOBILE Reposting here as well so possible solutions might come to light
  13. The 3600 cl16 is a MUCH higher memory bin than the 3200 cl16, so for instance, if you tried to oc that 3200 memory to the same 3600 it would most likely require more voltage and or looser timings. 3000/3200 cl16 are typically using fairly poor memory IC's as well (hynix mfr/afr) but there are a few good kits mixed in there (micron rev. e). The 3600 cl16 is most likely either hynix cjr or djr which are both fairly good memory IC's that can be tuned well. If you want a good plug and play kit, get the 3600 cl16, if you want to experiment with ram overclocking I'll link a good kit and oc guide below. OC guide: https://github.com/integralfx/MemTestHelper/blob/master/DDR4 OC Guide.md Decent kit of micron rev. e: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MGPH9R9?tag=pcpapi-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1
  14. It should still be fine even in low air flow cases to oc on tbh, it uses the same vrm as the tomahawk, and that can even do 3900x overclocking
  15. Please spend the extra $15 on the b450 gaming plus max, you won't regret it. B450(m) gaming plus max can fully max out a 3700x on ambient air (1.3v p95 which is near the highest safe voltage for maximum load of 1.325v). Though i would not suggest putting it into a low airflow case, especially when overclocking.