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  1. been chasing my tail trying to figure out how ryzen works. ryzen master and HWinfo not showing the same results is confusing enough and still don't know which to believe. wanted to believe ryzen master since its AMD's program, but having doubts after a few OC attempts. ryzen master tested 4.5ghz @ 1.32v stable. but when i manually used these settings in bios and stress tested with aida64 it crashed all the way up to 1.4ghz. i'm hearing about ryzen master clock stretching and you can't believe what it shows you. also hearing about people making claims that reducing voltage reduces temps and inc
  2. i own the computers. need a way to store and access large files between systems without drag and drop or internet. need to just plug it in and access a windows environment without any additional steps. i was booting windows from USB and everything was great until i upgraded to X570. the portable OS was setup on Z370 and now when i plug it in to X570 its unstable. probably gonna have to rebuild my portable OS on X570 and figured i would upgrade from 500mb to 5000mb.
  3. to have a portable windows environment on multiple desktops without lugging around my desktop.
  4. i have a 500mb read/write SATA6 SSD. i use it as a portable windows OS drive i plug in to different computers. i am considering buying a PCIE 4.0 NVME that does 5000mb read/write and a 10gbps external NVME case that connects through USB 3.1 type C. i'm assuming this will be a substantial upgrade, but want to make sure i'm not gonna hit some kinda of transfer limitation that prevents me from hitting those blazing fast NVME speeds. i've tried to do some google searching SATA6 vs USB 3.1 and wasn't really coming up with much but one thing that caught my attention is people saying SATA6 has better
  5. right now, my 3800x idle with nothing else open or running...... HWmonitor shows 3.8ghz and 1.0v idle. it will spike up to 4.4ghz and 1.49v but it never drops below 3.8ghz. ryzen master shows it going up and down constantly, average is 50-500mhz and 0.3-0.6v. lowest i've seen is 40mhz and 0.2v. bios is updated. no startup programs. AMD balanced power plan.
  6. ryzen master shows different readings than cpuz hwmonitor hwinfo etc. example, ryan master will show my cpu downclocking to 50mhz and 0.3v while everything else shows my cpu is running full speed 4.0-4.4ghz and 1.45 volts. i'm assuming ryzn master knows better since it's amd software, but the fact that all these other programs are saying the same thing and ryzen master is the odd man out i'm wondering who is correct and why the readings are so different.
  7. not sure why, but my NVME is now hitting 5000mb. still have not been able to figure out my USB issue though. look at this speedtest. this is a SSD. i do get 500mb on my Z370. why is it performing like this on X570?
  8. USB 3.1, tried the ports on case and board. 3800x.
  9. i have an external SSD that i plug in with usb. on my previous motherboard i was hitting 500mb transfer speeds. on my new msi board i'm getting less than 100mb. any adeas? i'm assuming it's a USB bios setting cause i just got done figuring out another USB bios problem. USB devices would not charge when the computer was shut down. had to turn on something related to sleep state. so just discovered another issue. i have a PCIE 4.0 NVME thats suppose to hit 5000mb. i'm getting 3500mb.
  10. lulz @ vice grips and torch. ballz. had no idea AMD been using solder for that long. thanks for sharing the links, will read through them and hit you up about that IHS if we delid it. probably will, we've done a bunch of 1151 with the rockitcool delid tool. been thinking about messing with the soldered chips for awhile and now we have a good excuse.
  11. free IHS is unexpected and appreciated. would suck to buy a working cpu and trash it just so we can harvest the IHS. whats your method for delidding ryzen? we plan to heat with hot plate, delid with delid die mate, quicksilver to clean up solder.
  12. how much for the IHS? do you know if the AM4 and AM3 IHS are the same? there are AM3 dual cores on ebay for $5. he isn't gonna ship this out to somebody to delid. tampa FL. he is unlikely to sell it for cheap cause he wants to tinker with it and make money for a working cpu. i will keep you in mind if he wants to dump it as is.
  13. he doesn't think lapping will salvage it. i tend to agree. maybe we can try as a last ditch effort but it sounds likes he wants to delid it. he doesn't like electronic payments so selling online ain't gonna happen. not sure if it works.
  14. i know pics would be nice but it's going to be awhile before i can get them. it's not really gonna make a difference what it looks like though cause he has already made up his mind. he is either going to sell it as is or he is going to swap the IHS. he prefers to swap the IHS cause he knows he won't get much as is but if he swaps the IHS he can make a nice profit. more than likely i will PM shrimp for the ryzen 1200 IHS but would be nice to know if it's the same size or not before we throw money at this.