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    i5 3570k - Gigabyte GTX 780 Windforce 3x - Asrock extreme4
    120gb Samsung pro ssd - 1TB WD Black - Crappy 1TB barracuda
    Akasa Venom case - BenQ XL2420T

    Logitech G710+ - Logitech G600 - Logitech G930
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    3d Artist/MAYA PRO
  1. Hi guy's and gal's. Were looking for a few extra players to enjoy Fifa 15 when it comes out on the brand new ignite engine. The club consists of two people Myself and my brother in law. Were both 19+ looking for players over 18+ that essentially love football like us. We are both huge football fans proud arsenal and Fulham fc supporters. We are currently in division 2 on Fifa 14 with only 2 People! We have faced many teams with 5+ people and have come out on top due to our skill and love for football. If you would like to join us add one of us on steam then we can sort out origin friends. Steam names. QUICKRICH KAOTiiX We have a team speak server for over 2 years now. As PC gamers we love many other games. We look forward to playing with you soon. BTW not to be rude but we would rather UK based players due to connection, time zones and Barclay's premiere league banter.
  2. Ahhhh console gamer (PS3 user), I never play at 30fps it sucks. This why I am a pc gamer, I want the best gaming experience possible. Graphics isn't anything if you don't have the frames.
  3. AHHHHH them frames kill me, I cant play 30fps games.
  4. Trusted uploaded so I think its real, But I don't have a console So many pirates on consoles and yet we get all the crap, Most people I knew bought discs for £5 any game. So.... **** console fan boys.
  5. Same son, pay phone off day 1 = cheap contract Don't pay phone off more in contract
  6. Nope, its 50%50 normally Im sorry to say, if you get a sim only deal with the same services would be $20 $30.
  7. That $200 is up front cost yes? Add the monthly cost, minus the tariff.
  8. Wow pc gamers like cod.... I'm slowly losing this forum
  9. True asked a dev at Gamescom. AFTER I PLAYED IT
  10. I bought Age of empires 2 HD, Blast from the past.
  11. Is it just me or was that a crappy trailer?
  12. Me and the guys are waiting for a pc version. Have you seen how crappy they made it to runs on consoles? Seen some in depth pics from trailers of the game play, Draw distance is as long as my keyboard.
  13. Did you sell the origin code? As I think the origin code minus the last 3 letters is the multi player key, it was like that for medal of honor.