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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4.4GHz
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    ASUS Crosshair 6 Hero
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance @ 3000MHz
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    MSI RTX 2080Ti @ 2.1GHz Core 8GHz Mem
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    Mionix QC
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    Philips Fidelio X2HR w/ LittleDot Mk2 rolled with NIB rooski tubes & Topping D10 DSD DAC
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. VR is no doubt about to get very popular with the advent of HL:Alyx and all the games/mods that will spawn with Source 2 SDK. (Not to mention this is only 1 of their 3 promised flagship VR games) I think it's worth having a section for: VR - General VR - Hardware nested under general and VR - Games/Software nested under general What do you think? I know I'd like to discuss it here at LTT :) I'd also like to help people out with budget VR setups that aren't shit!!!! (for those in the UK, look at CEX for used Windows MR headsets, or used Oculus CV1s, no joke they're cheap as fuck! and work so well. Windows MR tracking got massively improved since it was first released. I use a Lenovo Explorer myself)
  2. this could seriously do with re-doing, with Ryzen 3000 included... the performance you get for the money now changes everything!
  3. Does anyone know when the broadwell cpus are actually going to be released? I went with a Z97/Pentium G3258 build to wait for this as my upgrade path from AMD and its kind of annoying how intel said broadwell will be release any time since november - yet nowhere has it in their stores and the only place that does says it's been overdue for ages. I know of the 4790K being same perf etc, but I still want latest and greatest. After all 5775c is 3ghz while 4790k 4ghz and performs the same, if it oc it should be decent. What's the deal anyway? Wheres it at intel??
  4. Overclock your cpu, see how that goes I get much higher fps on a 280x so something is deffo wrong to fix mouse lag, change it to DirectInput
  5. Aaaand he got DDOS'd... This is why we can't have nice things. On naother note, trigger z or quickfire ultimate? [MX brown] same price and I really don't care for the macros
  6. Yes I have the original release model, no longer made, that uses the painful metal clips like these: http://assets.overclock.net.s3.amazonaws.com/c/cf/cf5acace_vbattach134207.jpeg http://www.coolermaster.com/uploadfile/fileproduct_list/P1302180294bfd6/PRDPIC/967f6995d92b3cfdfb494aa9a6c3042c_1361408584.jpg http://imagescdn.tweaktown.com/content/2/9/2904_99.png http://imagescdn.tweaktown.com/content/2/9/2904_13.jpg europe:) thanks for looking though, I'll ask the support team
  7. Where do I go to find Hyper 212 EVO fan clips? I have a hyper 212 plus where I've lost the metal clips (that never worked properly for me albeit) and want to use plastic ones from the 212 evo. My friend has the evo and from my testing it works on my 212+ heatsink(it's exactly the same as the evo) Any know where to buy the EVO clips in the UK?
  8. It's only temp, it'll be replaced next week
  9. got my daily I think! 4.4GHz at 1,25V gives me 87C under IBT Still nice to know my CPU isn't a dud just a bios bug somewhere Thanks for the help guys
  10. is that like AMD Overdrive? I'll have a look now
  11. Gigabyte set volts for 4.2 to 1.16V and 4.6 to 1.35V, both of which I've tried and seize at login (which is why I'm finding this weird)