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  1. Hey Guys i Got a Problm with Ryzen 5 3600 WaterCooled with masterliquid ml240L On Nzxt H510 this Cooler is Not Compatible with my Case thats Why i Didnt Place It on The Right Position i Got a problm with Temperaters Cause In IDLE it Be on 32 and Diiiirectly It Raise To 42 and back to 29-32 and back to 40-44 I dont know whats the problm but i need Any Suggestions ASAP Ps : The Back Fan Is On the Incorrect Position Casue It Gets The Fresh Air Inside To the Radiator Fans that they get it Out From the Front Of Case
  2. With a new 110$ Motherboard Yh hhhh
  3. With a new 110$ Motherboard Yh hhhh
  4. i Bought New MOBO Same As Mine and Works Fine
  5. Dual Channel 2 rams 8GB Corsaire R5 3600 OverClock is 4.2 when i Was in 4 it Stopped working Rams Are in XMP profile too Fans and RGB working but nothing on Screen and the RED les on MOBO are on VGA
  6. yh Tried that Stuff too and Didnt work my FANS and RGB Is working fine But PC didnt Start
  7. Yes Bro i Tried this Of the Jumper and the BAttery and it wont work
  8. hey Guys i Got Mobo B450 Aorus Elite Ryzen 5 3600 RTX 2060 Corsaire 16GB 3200Mhz Pws 750W CoolerMaster i Tried to OverClock my CPU and i have done a mistake i want to reset the Bios i tried the Pins and the Battery method and it wont work AnyOther Sollution Pls i Wanna Help ASAP