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  1. Is halting the machine really standard operating procedure for multi bit errors? If you value data integrity above all else, I suppose you'd want that, but if availability of a service is also a consideration, the way it works now on Linux 4.10 seems to be the best approach to me.
  2. Surely, you mean 'sleight of hand'
  3. Text editing? On a touch screen or a mushy keyboard cover accessory?
  4. IRL duels to death are the logical, entertaining, internet forum discussion level improving next step in GPU fanboy flame wars.
  5. Linux isn't an OS. It's a kernel. It's also the only one of the three that really belongs to the user. If you don't care about being in charge of your computer and the limited variety of software and hardware compatible with MacOS meets your needs, it's probably the better choice on the account of better stability and supposed user friendliness ( personally, the MacOS DE frustrates me to no end, but I recognize that I'm in the minority on that).
  6. You can write the installer ISO to another flash drive, boot from that and then do a full, proper install on the 128GB model as you would on an internal drive.
  7. They should be announcing new features, not that they will be putting out products in the category. Doing the former might entice people to actually buy the things while the latter just says 'no trust us, this is not a fad'.
  8. Ronda


    You can mine them in Minecraft. It's what made Pewdiepie so rich.
  9. Did Theresa May start her career as a nanny? Cause that would explain things.
  10. I'm not sure why you would even consider the 970. Are 1060s not cheaper or similar priced?
  11. I run OpenVPN on a VPS that's cheaper than any VPN I've seen and pays for itself several times over with web hosting I do for a guy I know.
  12. That's an awfully flattering headline you've got there. The madness of the community manifested itself in preorders, not criticism and the 'hate' was answered by pretending it had no reason to exist and letting go of the CEO that briefly admitted it did. The updates are obviously a good thing, but they did not handle their criticism gracefully.
  13. A piece of software being open source doesn't mean it can't be copyrighted. Certain devs already sell their games without DRM, so it would not be unthinkable of them to make the source code public and allow the community to submit patches, ports to various platforms or whatever else while still retaining the copyright to that code, all the visual assets, sounds, story. As for the software freedom aspect, games are entertainment. It's not as important for the user to be in control of toys as it is to be in control of their OS, browser, mail, etc.
  14. I wonder how much lower they could have gone price wise if they ditched the Windows license. All the games I play run on Steam OS. It's also a pity 2A isn't enough current for it. I suppose that only works out to 10W, but with Cherry Trail SDP being 2W, 10W seems like a reasonable total power budget.
  15. All phones are horrible. I'd suggest avoiding them entirely.