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    Intel Core i7 4710HQ
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    Intel laptop motherboard
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    Soldered Samsung DDR3L 8GB laptop ram
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    A crappy Nvidia GT 750M
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    Laptop form factor
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    256GB SSD
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    1080p laptop display
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    Windows 10 home

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  1. Does it have backlights? Does it have a Cherry MX Blue option?
  2. It should have the best typing experience. For example a membrane keyboard has working keys, but its shit. Does the G910 have a cherry mx blue option?
  3. 1. You cannot install the GS and GLH bios, since it is a different model. 2. Warranty is not voided when you overclock the card. There are no manufacturers that void warranty for overclocking.
  4. I type alot these days, so I need the best keyboard that is very good when typing. What is the best keyboard for typing? It should be mechanical.
  5. I'm using Chrome 57. For example, when I want to type @colonel_mortis, sometimes this feature doesn't work after I use this feature 5 times. What the heck is wrong with this site? This bug really disturbs me! Please help me!
  6. Okay fine, I admit that I made 1000 posts about this topic. Moderators, please delete all of these posts
  7. In South korea we use 'hancom hangul' instead of office word to create documents, and Linux isn't compatible with Hancom. And In south korea the school tells which fonts to use for the document, and linux isn't compatible with the fonts that the school requires us to use. Also, I find Wine to be buggy sometimes. I will never use Linux. Don't say anything about linux.
  8. Hi! Welcome to the LinusTechTips forums!

  9. I have a 2014 Samsung ATIV Book 8. I want to use my laptop untill 2020. I use my laptop for only web browsing, watching videos through the internet, and creating documents. My laptop would be able to do these tasks even in 2020, but the thing i'm worried about is the damage caused to the laptop. I accidentally cracked the bottom shell of the laptop a little bit when I took the laptop apart, the laptop is missing a few keys, laptop is very scratched, and the bezel has folded marks for no reason. Can I use my laptop until 2020?
  10. I restarted my computer, and it now works! Lock this post please!
  11. Yes, but it does not save to the screenshots folder. I don't want to save the screenshot through paint!