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  1. At what point do we start referring to the UK as "Airstrip One"?
  2. Even though I don't understand much code, I need to follow Linus's rants more often, they're just too entertaining.
  3. Anyone up for a revolution? Or perhaps a Mars colony? Really just anything to get us away from this mess?
  4. Linux has drivers that are completely fine, in fact it is extremely rare to have to look for a working driver.
  5. Although I'm running Linux right now (KDE Plasma 5 is fantastic), I think Windows 10 is starting to look pretty good from a UI standpoint.
  6. I'd love to see tech giants do that to any country that demands privacy compromises. It would cause so much shit to hit the fan if Google disabled their services in the US for just one day.
  7. Although I use Linux and this won't affect me, I wonder why anyone would have 512+ items in their start menu.
  8. Who is this even remotely supposed to be aimed at? It is objectively worse than the Surface Pro 3 in almost every way, if not every way.
  9. Honestly, does can anyone with half a brain take them seriously anymore?
  10. Actually, it might come preloaded with the Universal App versions of Office. Those are currently free in the Windows 10 Store. If not, then they still might be free to install.
  11. Just noticed mine now, reserved a copy on both my Surface Pro and Desktop.
  12. If you're going to install Windows 10, be careful with any sensitive information because the tech preview has a keylogger for debugging purposes. It will be removed in the release build though.