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  1. Hello LTT, I am looking for a BT earbud about $100 for my work. I have been using Creative Outlier Air before. It is not bad just that it hurts my ear for long period of use. I tried out Redmi Airdots while it is small and nice but the pairing is painful. After that, I got Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro. It is great for almost everything but it doesn't stay in my ear long period. Requires: IP Water Resistant USB C Able to use either Left or Right earbud (since I switch between left and right earbud throughout my work day) Noise isolation (no ha
  2. I am aware this is a stupid question. I really need to confirm it. It is about my cousin. Several days ago, he told me his computer was lagging so bad and randomly get BSOD. Few days later, he told me he fixed it because his Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse was low on battery, so he charge it and fixed it. After that, he told me it might have been his modem/router that caused his computer to slow. Lastly, he recently told me Spectrum guy came and fixed his internet. No more lag. I am pretty sure modem/router or internet doesn't cause computer to lag, r
  3. True. I just wanted a light laptop with a decent battery life to carry from class to class not lug it.
  4. Hello LTT, Right now, I am in a market of laptop/ultrabook. I'll be using my laptop/ultrabook for school especially for Programming that uses Java and Netbean. I do prefer having a 13" screen and decent battery life. My budget is roughly $700 at max. I don't plan to do gaming on it since I have a gaming PC. Thank you,
  5. Hello LTT, I think it is time for me to upgrade my Surface Pro 3 i3/4GB RAM/128GB SSD for about 2-3 years. I am somewhat feeling the age of the hardware, RAM along with the 128GB SSD and possibly a USB Type-C charging port. I really like the idea of only bringing one wall charger and can charge both my phone and tablet or laptop at a same time without needing to carry two separate chargers. I don't really know whether I should get a tablet or laptop. Using laptop will require me to go back to old school with paper and pen or using a tablet with notes on tablet. Nothing
  6. Sorry about taking a while. I felt a bit lazy for a day, lol. Now, I am back and actually did it. I finally got it to work. Apparently, I have to put it in a Slot 1 and Slot 2 and it finally register as 16GB RAM! I always thought to either place a RAM in either Slot 1 and 3 or Slot 2 and Slot 4. I guess it is case close then. Thanks for the help along with everyone. I was very close to formatting my PC, lol. Sadly, I have tried doing my G.Skill RAM, and it doesn't work like it won't even boot up the Bios. PC turns on but the RAM prevents it from doing an
  7. Hmm, I don't see anything about it. I will try again and see.
  8. I have check and make sure the RAM are seated properly. I did swap the RAM around.
  9. Hello LTT, I need your help. When I first upgrade my PC to AMD Ryzen and slap a good 16GB RAM that I found on sale. I thought I was set until my PC register the RAM is 7.95GB usable and my BIOS register it as 8GB RAM. I have no idea how to fix it and I assume it was due to the RAM not compatible. I also did replace my old Ryzen mobo because the Bios driver got corrupted while mid-updating. I waited until I recently order a different 16GB RAM that is actually supported by my motherboard supplied vendor. When I pop the baby in, it still register the RAM as 8GB. I have tried