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  1. I was sent a chuwi Hi10 Pro from a friend because it won't turn on. After taking it apart I have determined that the devices battery is 100% dead. When testing with a multi meter I was reading 0 voltage on the battery. Since this battery is soldered onto the motherboard and I can't seem to locate a replacement or used battery on ebay or amazon I am left with trying to revive this one. Right now I have it on the charger and am just letting it charge overtime hoping that it will revive itself. What should I do to try and help this?
  2. This is my thought as well but heres the thing. If I change a setting in the BIOS to display to internal it works for about 15 minuets before the problem reoccurs. I thought maybe its the cable but no amount of flexing or moving the screen changes it. Once it outputs to internal it is fine until the system is rebooted. So I don't know what to think.
  3. Oh I forgot to mention it does it on the BIOS as well. I tried updating the BIOS to the latest as well.
  4. Hello, I recently acquired a Toshiba Satellite L645D-S4030 laptop and at first I thought it was not completing POST. After some testing I determined that it is completing POST but it continues to output to the external VGA screen even when no display is connected to it. I can sometimes get it to output to the internal screen but there's one problem. It never stays. Once it outputs to the Internal its perfectly fine. Stays on that display as long as the machine is powered on. Once the machine is rebooted it outputs to the external AGAIN. This is really annoying as I don't want to have to connect a display to the machine just to use it. I did some googling and apparently there's a problem with the GPU on this series of machine. But how do I know if this machine is affected? I don't believe it is considering that it outputs to an external but what should I try to determine what the actual problem is? The computer works perfectly fine other than the display issue.
  5. I believe the person said that it was only 4 months old. So yes it does have a warranty. Would it be easier for the person to just send it into Lenovo and have them do something?
  6. Thats the problem. We press the NOVO button and it loads the menu. We select Enter BIOS and it loads Windows. we have tried inserting the USB and powering on with the NOVO button to no avail. It seems like as of right now the system is bricked.
  7. This is going to be difficult as Lenovo has no service Manuel available for the public or if they do i don't know where they are. Either way i will have my friend give this a try and see what happens.
  8. Hi, I am helping a person with their Lenovo Ideapad 330S-15ARR laptop as they formatted the Hard Drive and installed Windows 7 on it and now Windows won't boot at all. He is attempting to enter the boot menu or BIOS to boot to a Windows 10 USB but there's a problem. When he hits the Novo button it loads the menu but when he select Boot to BIOS or Boot to Boot Menu it just goes straight into Windows. What can we do to boot into the BIOS or boot menu to reinstall Windows 10?
  9. This is what i was afraid of. Well im running out of options.
  10. Hi, I am helping a friend out with recovering data from an SD Card. They were moving things off their phone and they canceled the transfer just as it started and now nothing is reading the contents of the card. I have tried using linux to read the card and have also tried running chkdsk to no avail. What else can i do to attempt to repair this card? when you plug it in the card takes a good few minuets to appear in Windows but does not show any partitions. Disk Management also does not seem to load either when the card i in the computer.
  11. OK i will try contacting them later today. Also the DC Jack you provided is not the correct type. If you look at the link (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-IdeaPad-1xx-3xx-5xx-7xx/lenovo-ideapad-110S-11IBR-dc-jack/td-p/4070626) you can see how different they are compared to the one you sent. But thanks anyway.
  12. I was quite tempted to do that but there's a few problems with that. I am not the original owner of the machine and don't have any of the information they would want. Also the plastic case has cracks all over it and if they open it up they will easily be able to tell liquid has entered the machine. I know for a fact the liquid is not the problem as the port it self is not making contact vir multi meter test. I do plan to replace the case with new ones so the cracks are gone. Seems like i have no other choice but to replace the motherboard.
  13. I'm just gonna copy this from my reddit post. I hope that's ok. Hi, I was given a Lenovo Ideapad 110S-11IBR netbook as I will call it and the charging port is broken. I did some research and this was a common issue with this device. Well apparently no one is able to locate a charging port for it. Googling the issue with this device you come across this link (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-IdeaPad-1xx-3xx-5xx-7xx/lenovo-ideapad-110S-11IBR-dc-jack/td-p/4070626) and you can see how weird this port is. I see someone said they re soldered the middle pin back to the piece it worked. Well I'm not good with soldering and would rather replace the whole port to make sure that it is good. Does anyone have any idea on what I can do? I am looking into a replacement motherboard but they are at least half the price of a working unit on eBay and the charging port no one has been able to locate. I would really like some help on what can be done. If I can get this device fixed I'm going to get a nice M.2 SSD to upgrade the storage and fix the broken plastics on it.
  14. Yes i plan to take it apart to fully clean it with alcohol. the computer works apart from the keyboard but im hoping i can purchase a replacement online and use the machine.
  15. im fully aware of this. i dont plan to put alot of money into it. i got the laptop for free but i would like to get some use out of it. either as a laptop for school or as just a laptop to screw around with. i have a latitude E6520 but the panel on it started dieing. i was using that for school but with the panel the way it is the laptop is not usable. i plan to possibly fix it. either way i might consider getting a keyboard. also i forgot to mention the model of laptop is HP ENVY dv6-7229wm. its from 2013 but the CPU is kinda better than what is on my current laptop.