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  1. found it, need to pay an extra 42 cents a month for DNS-/redirect. pfff all they want is money
  2. https://mijn.yourhosting.nl it's a dutch site so I hope google translate can do its magic...
  3. "hello world", I just bought a domain and have a local server running Debian + Apache2. Now the qeustion, how do I link the domain name to my IP for people to get access to that webpage? PS I am really really new into this website hosting thing...
  4. corsair is GREAT (not only in RAM), if something is wrong u can open a ticket or CALL/SKYPE them for FREE!
  5. i think that will fall of, or wil the motherboard be flat? ps sorry for late reaction!!!
  6. what is the top side of the conductor? use that size and a termal glue, normal paste wil just fall of.
  7. read this tread / topic, sli needs a pcie 8x crossfire needs pcie 4x
  8. auto correct, phone is still on dutch (home country)
  9. I want in on the LTT channel, but thanks Keep is all up to date. Also have some amd gpu's laying arond?
  10. The raxer core's only have 1 in port not a second out port. But every thunderbolt port has its own controller. Is Just would be very interesting
  11. You are from floatplaen!!! Can you present this plan to Linus or luke?! Ps, don't Let it sint right?!