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Status Updates posted by Tea1337

  1. Haven't been on here in over a year. Surprised my account credentials still work.

  2. I've never seen so much dust come off of a PC

  3. bought a small desktop to use as a home server. i've never seen so much dust in my life, time to go get some aerosol cans.

  4. I'm so done helping people on facebook. They're all idiots and never listen

  5. I cannot get out of silver, help fam

  6. Up graded the NAS with 2 6TB WD Red's. And I have to say they are amazing drives.

  7. So apparently my rage post made it to the front page of Imgur.

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    2. Tea1337


      Wow, that's bad :(. I don't understand why someone would want to ruin this countries future like that

    3. TheSLSAMG


      I think it's a group of butthurt idiots, but no one's sure.

    4. ripanotha2013og


      Wow your days are bad. This is mine. Messing with my SIII's camera. https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8838/17725106249_96fa7f2409_o.jpg

  8. My server got upgraded to DDR4 before my gaming rid did.

  9. Tempting to sell my 980's and get a titan x, or just buy another 980 for 3 way SLI

  10. Ordered up some Audio Technica ATH-a700x's for gaming and what not, pretty stoked, although i'll need to buy an amp/dac soon

  11. Really tempted to do a GTX 680 3-way SLI build with older parts for nostalgia and to have as a show PC.

    1. Yummychickenblue


      3 way 680s is probably still pretty powerful.

  12. Got this retarted ad ware, then to find out in the control panel it changed the date in witch it says it was installed on, making it so i couln't find it. And i've been tyring to get rid of it for 2 months now _-_

  13. Decided to check up on my Servers first drive, a seagate barracuda 120gb, has over 66k hours on it.. http://prntscr.com/5sn4ng

    1. Nineshadow


      I have a 260(or something like that) GB Barracuda somewhere. It has quite a lot of hours too :D

      Barracuda master race.

  14. Keep getting these annoying popups with websites that end in _rff=px.pluginh every once in a while when i click a link, 3 scans of makwarebytes, 3 of hitmanpro 3, and 2 of CCleaner, it, will, not go away. Driving me insane.

    1. Yummychickenblue


      Format & reinstall?

    2. Tea1337


      Doesn't work, i think it's on my SSD and that's where my OS and most important files are, so i need to fish it out.

  15. Ordered a 4k tv for my parents, and the first thing they do is throw in Avatar and talk about how amazing the color a quality is, lol.

  16. My mac pro is literally heating my entire room from rendering and such.

  17. Got a ninja 250r as a backup bike until my zx6r is back in running shape, can't decide if I want to record a ride on my gopro and post to youtube or nah

  18. Got a secondary drive just for my FLAC files, that difference from mp3 to flac is 100/10

  19. dropped my phone from my motorcycle and now I have a phone with a screen so cracked it doesn't work.

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    2. Tea1337


      Ouch, it would cost $50 for me so i said screw it and am going to order the aquos crystal

    3. Flyguygamer


      My phone doesn't work at all so I have to get it repaired.

    4. Tea1337


      Ahh that would suck, i also found out how to answer calls with my cracked screen by tapping the top left corner lol

  20. Aqueos Crystal or nah

  21. I lost my main hard drive after I sold my 980's and 8 core processor, to come back to this O.o http://prntscr.com/5nuua0