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  1. Hey. I have some Ethereum in my balance at myetherwallet from mining. How can I transfer this to Coinbase? Edit: Preferably step by step. I'm new to all this.
  2. Is it stable at 4,4GHz with that low static voltage? Almost tempted to grab a 3600X over a 3600 EDIT: Didn't see u said 1.38V. Did u change LLC to give extra voltage under load?
  3. I recommend the MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX. The MAX series are updated and supports 3rd gen Ryzen out of the box. Really solid board for the price.
  4. Guess you didn't read the part where I said I'm not interested in new parts + I got confirmation of working status of hardware + I have a lot of extra DDR3 laying around, and would have to buy DDR4 if I bought new.
  5. Forgot to mention that I don't want to buy new. Besides, I got a lot of extra DDR3.
  6. Doubt it. He seems very firm about 200 Euro as a minimum.