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  1. Been playing with overclocking, Currently have my 2666 15-17-17-35 kit at 3200 16-18-18-36 1.36v, and my CPU at 3.8 1.29 volt. Will attempt a cinebench run and report back. 

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    2. RGProductions


      This chip hits a brick wall at 3.9. 3.9 1.35v, I was able to pass Cinebench r20 and get 1501. 4ghz, wouldn't even get into windows even at 1.42 volts. I think I'll be leaving it at 3.8, for them nice low voltages. 

    3. RGProductions


      I decided to do 3.8 ghz 1.2875 Vcore, with ram at 16-18-18-36 3066mhz, assuming this is stable. Also, I've removed 2 of my sticks, so now i have a uniform ram kit, but only 8 gigs :(

    4. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      1300X, right? That sounds pretty good, IIRC those and the 2200G only make it to 3.8 or so on average. I had a 1600 that did 4Ghz easily but hit a hard wall, wouldn't go to 4.1. That's a higher binned chip though, 3.9 on a 1300X is not bad at all. 

  2. This issue lasted through multiple refreshes of the page. Shouldn't there be icons for the various reps, under the green tab?
  3. 800dpi on my g602 feels waaaay faster than 800 dpi on my naos 7000. I wonder why. Also, my mousepad is totally dead so im using one of those basic office ones from like 2004, and somehow the size difference has not bothered me once, but i haven't tried to game on it... 

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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      interesting. the wrist/palm muscles could be sensitive to that & the usual movement force pattern he uses differs between the two due to weight & is causing the difference in the overall feel.  or it could be the texture difference of the bottom contact point pads that's making the force feel different.

    3. RGProductions


      Who knows. Maybe I just haven't used my PC in a while? :) 

    4. RGProductions


      The weight difference is minimal, they're both a chunky ~150 grams. 

      I tried A g por wireless a while back, and it seemed to still feel fine. 

  4. Found the funniest bug on my laptop. When you like ABSOLUTELY run out of ram, like, loaded to the max, scroll on the touchpad stops working. All other touchpad functions continue working just fine, and scrolling on the touchscreen does as well. Weird. 

  5. Scratch that, i think a nice new chair would be much nicer. If only I could afford that...

  6. Just listened to some of the Beatles, might impulse buy a record player idk 

  7. RGProductions

    Should I upgrade my cpu?

    I actually do advocate for going ryzen, hell look at my sig. Just pointing out that there are options, and for some specific workloads, intel is better (got confused with a different post, thought he said he was using adobe stuff).
  8. Look at the keycap wear on my g810. Man, 3000 hours of overwatch can sure take a toll on the s key 


    1. RGProductions


      I should mention the previous owner was the one doing the 3000 hours of overwatch, not me

    2. Mr.Meerkat


      Yet my 2014 Blackwidow's keycaps stills look like new :P 


      2500hrs~ of CS, 700hrs~ of R6S, 600hrs~ of Arma and countless other games, the keyscaps are still relatively clean.

    3. RGProductions


      Yeah, I think he has some incredibly acidic fingers, or it got damaged in a way and he didn’t tell me 

  9. RGProductions

    Power button and shorting not working

    if directly shorting the two pins for power doesn't work, then yes.
  10. RGProductions

    Should I upgrade my cpu?

    Well, that CPu does have an upgrade path... theoretically all the way to a 9900k.
  11. RGProductions

    Is my I7-2600K the issue with new 2080 RTX?

    Yes. Especially if you were coming from an already decent GPU.
  12. RGProductions

    Power button and shorting not working

    If you are 100% sure that you are doing everything correctly, RMA your motherboard.
  13. Welp, I just retired my NAOS 7000. It worked a good 3 hard years, but the rubber coating is just starting to wear. 

  14. RGProductions

    Should I upgrade my cpu?

    Even if your componets could fit, I would recommend upgrading the case anyway.
  15. RGProductions

    Should I upgrade my cpu?

    You may not, what is the specific PC?
  16. Here's my desktop on my PC with the new windows install. You all will probably hate it, but I really like it like this and have always used my desktop like this lol.

    Screenshot (4).png

  17. Look at it! Look at the tiny battery!! Also, if anyone cares, this is the Ideapad 330 with an 8250u (sans the disk drive), that I was working on for a "customer". Glad to see this thing get an SSD, it really flies now.


    1. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      ooo nice. The newer laptops with this snap together design are a pain to open up, but they fly with an SSD. i5 8250U is a great chip as well, I've had/worked on a few laptops with it, thing is OP for pretty much anything but actual gaming, for office work and other normal laptop use it's incredibly powerful. 

    2. RGProductions


      Yeah. 12 gigs of ram too, and it was less than $400 new. I just used the plastic drive packaging as a tool for the snaps, and it worked wonderfully well. 

  18. A friend of mine is simultaneously incredibly dumb and incredibly smart. As in, smart enough to profit $1600 trading god knows what (probably crypto) in like a few weeks, but dumb enough to use coinbase and get his account frozen until he contacts customer support. This is the same person that has made $4000+ trading hardware, but didn't know to plug both of his monitors into his graphics card and not daisy chain them (he had to text me for that). What a person.

    1. TopHatProductions115


      Sounds like a fun person to talk to 😂 

  19. I feel really rich for having 3 of the same thing, even though this was only $90, and I’m only getting to keep one... also, amazon one day shipping on prime, I’m so lucky 


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    2. CUDAcores89
    3. RGProductions


      That’s pretty good, these were $30 each on amazon. I also ordered a 120 gig for $16 for the lol

    4. dizmo


      @CUDAcores89 Yeah, the lower price is likely from bulk purchasing. I imagine 500GB drives are in much higher demand than the 1TB, so they get better pricing on them. I'd still take the larger single drive personally, as reducing the number of things to go wrong is usually a smarter course.


      @RGProductions Haha, yeah. I've written about that to my tiny Samsung drive on my laptop. Hasn't died yet, but I'm definitely replacing the laptop.

  20. Do you actually need more than 16 gigs of ram?
  21. Ayee, just sold the i5 2320 and GTX 1050ti rig for $260! Ended up throwing in an old SSD, really helped sweeten the deal for the buyer. I probably could've gotten a little bit more out of it, but oh well. More importantly, I now have a contact at a subsidiary of TSMC...

  22. RGProductions

    Help identifying a CPU.

    Short of just popping it in a board I'm not sure much can be done.
  23. RGProductions

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for not quoting anyone. Wait hold on...
  24. I have a slightly older PC that normally works perfectly fine, but after being disconnected from power for a while, it does not find a boot device. I'm not sure what fixes it, but either unplugging the drive and plugging it back in, or changing the boot order in the bios fixes it, and it always works great after. Can you think of any reason other than a dead CMOS battery that this would occur? I just replaced the CMOS battery. I should also note that it works perfectly fine after unplugging it, and letting all power drain, and then plugging it back in within 5 minutes. Thoughts?
  25. RGProductions

    Why are we still using Calculators?

    Owner of a ~$150 calculator here. I don't even regret it. I like how easy and focused it is to use, the incredibly battery life, and the overall convenience for schoolwork. Sure, a phone or computer probably does a better job, but if I'm sitting at my desk doing homework and I need to make a calculation, with my phone, and my calculator sitting in front of me, I'm reaching for the calculator.