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  1. Hello all, or should I say goodbye.

    I have to make the unfortunate announcement that I am permanently leaving the Linus tech tips community. I've decided to take my life in a different direction than a 24/7 tech connected one, and this is my first step. LTT has given me the same problems as @dexxterlab97, I just can't get away from it on my own. The increasingly cancerous following, the insane repetitiveness, and the constant allure to go log in and read my notifications. It's all too much for me to handle in moderation, and I just need to separate myself. Add me on discord or steam if you care to remain in contact, before I change them. This is a lifestyle change for the positive, and I hope you agree. I've been planning out this day since the beginning of september, but have just decided to fuck it and do it right now. I hope you all agree with my decision. 
    It was nice knowing you guys, hope to catch you on the flipside,


    Dear mods, please don't take this down. I want people to know where I ended up. 

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    2. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar


      i know nobody gives a shit about me

      You may be surprised.

    3. Techstorm970


      Guess I'm the last one to the party...not that this is a celebratory occasion.  :( 


      Sad to see you go.  Sent you a friend request on Steam.  I wish you luck on your new path!  :) 

    4. Being Delirious

      Being Delirious

      Well this is ironic. It seems as soon as I arrived here you commented.

  2. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Sorry I had to
  3. Another new video on the most trash channel ever (mine)



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    2. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta


      iirc videos I rendered on vegas at 29.97 (or rather, 59.94) fps would round up

    3. NoRomanBatmansAllowed
    4. RGProductions


      @bob51zhang Render times. I5 2320+GTX 660 meant this took a half an hour to render.

  4. The old potato lives!

    1. DocSwag


      Random note, your rep is currently exactly 1,111

    2. RGProductions


      If only that happened when I was on 3333 posts

    3. DocSwag


      Annndddd now it's 1112 :P 

  5. Windows won't work

    Alright, it's fixed. Deleted all ASUS files, and ddu and reinstall GPU drivers fixed it.
  6. Windows won't work

    It is now in not safe mode. Deleting the asus file in program files and cleaning the registry allowed me to boot, but it's still not perfect. My main PC broke, so I'm using an old sandy bridge PC for the next few weeks, and I dont want to have to go and reinstall everything.
  7. Windows won't work

    yeah, but it works in safe mode so I have hope. The specific stopcode is ASio.sys, which seems to be from an asus product.
  8. Windows won't work

    I just put my hdd and ssd into the old PC, and windows refuses to boot, however safe mode works. What should I do to troubleshoot this?
  9. Alright, the deed is done. Next step is putting hdd and ssd in i5 2320 PC, and filing an RMA.

  10. Been putting this off all day lol, time to take it apart.

    1. PCGuy_5960
    2. RGProductions


      It's apart :( now to see about getting the gpu and hdd and ssd in the i5 2320 rig for the Long haul.

  11. Sorry for spamming, but is it safe to take apart PC on carpet with static strap grounding?

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    2. dizmo


      I've done it many times with no issue. That said, those have all been in places where I've never been shocked. I wouldn't even consider doing it on carpet in the place I live now. Thick blue lightning bolts shoot from my key as it approaches the lock, and I can't go down the halls without either having a painful shock when I open the fire doors or I'll even get shocked on my arm/shoulder if I round the corner too close to the wall :P

      It's a friggin' nightmare.

    3. RGProductions


      Never been shocked here

    4. STRMfrmXMN


      I shocked a HDD to death by replacing the hard drive with an SSD in my laptop. Ended up zapping it with friction from my fluffy bedspread.

  12. Kek

    I'm gonna Livestream me taking apart my PC on Instagram

  13. How good are the Monoprice 8323's for video editing?

    Good enough