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Everything posted by Chatzev

  1. Unfortunately some of the people I would have voted for have left....
  2. If you are at school and bored afterwards with hours of spare time, you aren't doing enough exercise/sport.
  3. Everyone that does 12+ hours, what sort of sports do you play and what is your routine?
  4. I still think Bethesda should have made Fallout an mmo as opposed to TES
  5. Why wouldn't a UK techie be doing that much exercise?
  6. I think it would be interesting to know how much exercise members of a tech forum do. Just out of curiosity.
  7. Damnit, sorry dude. It was nice having you here and I wish you luck on your future internet adventures. You'll be missed
  8. I won 25,000 GBP, according to a text I got
  9. If a kid wants p0rn, let them watch it. Simple. Done.
  10. Is that like a 4 slot card? Does anyone know what card it is and who made the cooler?
  11. To me it sounds like a flute of some form
  12. Let's say this passes. Let's say the government has become even more controlling, or perhaps there is a revolution like the one in Ukraine. If it isn't going the government's way, they could just pop everyone's phones and stop them from communicating. Its actually kinda scary.
  13. My advice: talk to @ttam , he knows plenty about this stuff. Shoot him a message and go from there.