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  1. first computer in house was 486. 16mb ram, and some mb harddisk BUT with a soundblaster something sound card. First personal rig was a AMD Thunderbird, which cooler failed and in those times they didnt declock it just DIED. and thats the only specs i can remember of it. First OC build was a pentium 4. 2,6ghz single core with a 25% OC. and a 9800GTX card.
  2. any reason not to trust the manufacturers fix?.... as you mention its under warranty so if it doesnt fix it tell them and let them handle it.
  3. that should work fine.. and one google search provided this: DKK 78 is more or less 12USD. it might not be the same but damn close https://www.ebay.com/i/174061846803?mkevt=1&siteid=1&mkcid=2&mkrid=711-153320-877651-5&source_name=google&mktype=pla_ssc&campaignid=10455324419&groupid=103243237109&targeted=pla-293946777986&MT_ID=&adpos=&device=c&googleloc=1005242&itemid=174061846803&merchantid=116792603&geo_id=57&gclid=CjwKCAjw5Kv7BRBSEiwAXGDElVeK5O3ib7crxkprKdNSew_DCujbx-3rh_nCrNlpA-xq3MbEOpBsFhoCGDkQAvD_BwE
  4. 3070 is already out 15/10-2020 so cant be long before the 3060 is out and its seems the 30 series is quite a good upgrade. i would and look at 30 series cards
  5. Please of info around for this stuff but here it goes. nope no problem. go for it. most games are far more depending on GPU than CPU and you have a fine CPU. newer titles utilize CPU more but isnt that spread out yet. But why buy a 2060, its not much faster than 1060 and unless its dirt cheap 30 series is out and alot faster. hen you say high end gaming, do you mean as in competitive esports title. or actually wanting good graphics in games with a bit lower fps. i do get you mention 50-60 fps iam just a bit unsure of your goal.
  6. that is just a horrible setup then. but yes if you could connect to a VPN you would essentially be on the school network. BUT i would talk to the school about this.
  7. it might not be a good quality PSU but this amount of warning is waaaaaaaaaaay overkill. it will do fine, its not top tier, and unstable input power may cause crashed more often then with a better, but you have a UPS in front of it which will mitigate that alot. i do agree you should have a decent PSU on a system but people tend to get carried away. and especially when i look at the system specs i do understand why the PSU is that quality.
  8. have you tried just giving em 12v direct with nothing else? just to see if they run full speed constant it sounds more like a MB problem then fans.
  9. it wont bottleneck.. just with titles out now, still no using the multi cores that well. iam running i i7-2700 yes a sandy bridge and isnt throttling my 1070
  10. yup 3000 series is actually here in DK from the 17/9 so WAIT and ofcourse get the reviews before. but its rumored to be quite the performance bump
  11. and it would help if you fill out the details that you copy pasted. budget is only for the computer right? and does that ex or include the 3070? and you have a 980ti you must have other stuff as well so no need for HDD or SSDs ? but i would just go for AMD ryzen 7 4000 series and some NVME storage. for boot. mostly looking at your usecase at not strictly gaming the AMD is a good option.
  12. yeeeah okay 10usd is alot for that. 2 sounds alot better i do get they need some sort of income.
  13. multiple triggers is gonna be awesome
  14. you can always bent those io shield grappers in then it should slide out. but from the picture it looks like you must raise the opposite end of the MB until the IO shields buttom can be raised up a bit and then pull it out at an angle. i have never used that case or IO shield, only going from the looks
  15. sounds like a software issue or you are logging on to australian region on new computer and eu on old while living in the EU are you copying the game from directory or are you making a fresh install of the game? with all the steps you have tried i would suspect software, and i must admit you have tried the things i would normally suspect. so iam drawing a blank.
  16. your ping is meassured ingame right? are you connecting to the same server in both cases? iam guessing when you ping something like google it isnt a problem? is there alot of updates etc running in background that sucks up all your connection so the game data cant get through?
  17. Old sandy briidge system here but with alot never components like NVME ssd in PCI enclosure and gtx1070
  18. this is the normal operation area of the CPU, all the new CPU, amd or intel will boost to very high speeds without any sort of overclock. you can read up on Intel® Turbo Boost Technology if you want more info
  19. what is the problem exaclty. its running at 2,77ghz while idling but base speed is 3,79ghz looks fine
  20. iam pretty sure there is a limit to how much time etc you can spend on those WIFIs to prevent that sort of thing. And 200m away with higher buildings in the way is really gonna hurt you. especially since higher than 1st floor could indicate concrete buildings which really kills the signal. you might be able to get a signal but the thing you start the thread with is unstable, that is not gonna be better on the public version AT ALL. also if going with this solution use a VPN
  21. sounds like a horrible dell fan controller. you can always add a case fan. but first try out this program
  22. your temps are fine and you GPU also ramps up and down according to temp. the only thing i am wondering is i noticed you mentioned 6 fans as intake with 1 exhaust. you will have positive pressure and alot of air escaping out of gaps but not optimal, if thats the case. I would suspect a typo and the AIO is exhausting through the top? if thats the case then everything is good, and you can always change the fan speed for GPU if you want it cooler.
  23. ohh btw during normal gaming operations the whole throttling shouldnt be a issue, isnt a sustained load. so temps shouldnt reach 70 during normal gaming
  24. yeah they are build to handle it. but the livetime of m.2 is reduced in high temp. (over 70) but it should throttle itself if high temp. though very cheap "heatsink stickers" can be purchased to cool it a bit. but i would just have a bit of airflow over the disk and it should be fine. copy from the spec list of the drive. Operating Environment Operating Temperature 0°C (32°F) ~ 70°C (158°F)