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  1. Check throttlestop (program). it says what throttles you CPU, and can disable those at own risk, but just to monitor what throttles you its great. but does sound like you have thermal issues. so check temps while it happens
  2. thats true and i did also tweak a bit ,actually ended up setting my graphic settings a bit higher to make the GPU cap out before CPU.
  3. Yeah just to clarify i am wondering that the 7600k can struggle while my old fucker still manages so priority for discord would be a good idea. That beeing said a 5600x would be a big upgrade. but listen to this post
  4. i think you have other issues since i am running a i7-2700k in warzone and also maxing it out more or less but i have no issue with warzone and discord together. but yeah a 5600x is very nice CPU that is good for gaming,
  5. yeeeah ment wouldn't yeah but looking at the benchmarks it really does do well. graphic cards has really gone up in price lately. but again depends on what he wants to game and what resolution.
  6. should be fine. sound like a very decent pairing. but be aware that its very game dependent and resolution. so esports titles like CSgo the CPU could be a small bottleneck. but in general terms should be a nice pairing. i wouldn´t wait, mostly in regards to the feature set on geforce are just better, the thing that would draw me towards AMD graphics are there new memory stuff but that requires a 5000 series ryzen. and lower end i think the 3060TI hits a very good bang for the buck. but its just my opinion.
  7. properly not. but a bump or something could cause, dust can also make it short out in rare cases but i would believe it just a bad PSU you recieved
  8. the only way it can trip the circruit breaker (if you are not talking about the RCD) if it uses to many amps. which is likely due to a short so yeah if the PSU was set to 230 and should be 110v or the other way around (i only think old PSU have that switch) or just a damaged PSU.
  9. same as they say only because tis a known brand. but this post someone has really done the job of investigating. EDIT: just realized that is what you mentioned in the first part
  10. first computer in house was 486. 16mb ram, and some mb harddisk BUT with a soundblaster something sound card. First personal rig was a AMD Thunderbird, which cooler failed and in those times they didnt declock it just DIED. and thats the only specs i can remember of it. First OC build was a pentium 4. 2,6ghz single core with a 25% OC. and a 9800GTX card.
  11. any reason not to trust the manufacturers fix?.... as you mention its under warranty so if it doesnt fix it tell them and let them handle it.
  12. that should work fine.. and one google search provided this: DKK 78 is more or less 12USD. it might not be the same but damn close https://www.ebay.com/i/174061846803?mkevt=1&siteid=1&mkcid=2&mkrid=711-153320-877651-5&source_name=google&mktype=pla_ssc&campaignid=10455324419&groupid=103243237109&targeted=pla-293946777986&MT_ID=&adpos=&device=c&googleloc=1005242&itemid=174061846803&merchantid=116792603&geo_id=57&gclid=CjwKCAjw5Kv7BRBSEiwAXGDElVeK5O3ib7crxkprKdNSew_DCujbx-3rh_nCrNlpA-xq3MbEOpBsFhoCGDkQAv
  13. 3070 is already out 15/10-2020 so cant be long before the 3060 is out and its seems the 30 series is quite a good upgrade. i would and look at 30 series cards
  14. Please of info around for this stuff but here it goes. nope no problem. go for it. most games are far more depending on GPU than CPU and you have a fine CPU. newer titles utilize CPU more but isnt that spread out yet. But why buy a 2060, its not much faster than 1060 and unless its dirt cheap 30 series is out and alot faster. hen you say high end gaming, do you mean as in competitive esports title. or actually wanting good graphics in games with a bit lower fps. i do get you mention 50-60 fps iam just a bit unsure of your goal.
  15. that is just a horrible setup then. but yes if you could connect to a VPN you would essentially be on the school network. BUT i would talk to the school about this.