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  1. This is my guess also, it was literally not even touched for the 6 weeks, I don't know if dust could be an issue in this scenario. I have contacted product returns support for the PSU, and hope that they are able to assist. Thank you for your input
  2. Thank you for your assistance, I am sure that the connections are sound
  3. Other items work through this outlet that I used, so I assume there is no issue with it. I have not tried the PC on a different outlet though
  4. Have I done anything wrong? The PC functioned perfectly previously, nothing was touched between uses. What should I do from here?
  5. All of the connectors are fine
  6. I don't have a spare of any component I have a Corsair TX550M
  7. Key components are PSU - Corsair TX550M CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 GPU - Gigabyte 1660 super Motherboard - ASRock B450 Pro 4
  8. Okay, I understand that there is a problem with the PSU, is it something that I have caused? Is there something that I should do at this point?
  9. Okay, is this something that I have done wrong? Is there something that I can do?
  10. The switch is the right way I don't really understand how an issue could have occurred without usage. Is there something that I did wrong?
  11. PC built and worked successfully for a month. Unused for 6 weeks Turned on again, but tripped the house circuit. Won't turn on. Plug point works and power cable works on other devices. Alternate power cable will not work for PC. Any help in diagnosing issue and solution would be very much appreciated
  12. I am concerned a little about the charring, simply because something did put out smoke previously. Is it possible that the voltage regulators are now faulty and even though it currently works, it could be a future issue?
  13. Thank you so much, I was an idiot and didn't input the power cable to the SSD