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  1. I am getting a pc with ryzen 3 3100, 1650 super, mobo A320M S2H, PSU 450W, SSD 240 SATA and I want to play mainly gta5. Should I choose 2666 or 3200 speed for my RAM? I also want to play games like Post Scriptum but I will play only 720p to 1080p, 1920×1080 and I will turn settings like grass to very low, turn off MSAA, reduce water quality, etc to protect my pc system.
  2. I am buying the 3 fans 1660s gigabyte gaming so it will be cooler to overclock. Is this a good choice? If I overclocked it how much would the performance increase? Will it matches the performance of a rtx 2060?
  3. People told me that the gaming version of the 1660 super VGA is better than the normal entry level non-gaming 1660 super VGA. Is this true? If it is true how much better can it be? I am looking at Gigabyte 1660 super (2 fans) vs Gigabyte 1660 super gaming (3 fans)
  4. What is hyperthreading and does GTA5 or 3D designing need it?
  5. My VGA is 1660 super, SSD 240GB SATA, 16GB RAM, 6 fans for this system, 600 W PSU, mobo B450M DS3H. Which CPU should I choose? In my country ryzen 5 3500 and ryzen 3 3300x both have the same price. I use this PC to play GTA5 only. I might use it for 3D designing too but GTA5 RP is the main thing. Which CPU should I choose?
  6. My PC has 8GB RAM, CPU is ryzen 5 3500, VGA GIGABYTE 1660 SUPER, SATA SSD 120GB. Mobo is b450m ds3h and 600 W PSU. Is this PC enough to play GTA 5 RP and the mods? I will only play at 720p or 1080p. Low to high settings and NO ultra. 1920×1080 mostly. I try to keep it down to save money. Thank you
  7. What is the difference between Gigabyte 3060ti EAGLE cards (2 fans) and the other 3060 ti with 3 fans?
  8. I am building a PC with the B450M DS3H with a ryzen 5 3500 and 4 fans. I hear people say that this motherboard only has enough pins for 1 fan. What should I do? Should I get some fan splitters?
  9. I am getting confused, what is the difference between gaming fans (expensive) with RGB LED and normal non RGB LED fans? Why are these non RGB LED fans are way cheaper?
  10. I am wondering should I use a ryzen 5 3600 or a ryzen 5 3500 for my upcoming pc: 1660 super OC, 240gb ssd, RAM 16gb, 550W PSU. I will not overclock so stock cooler is enough. I will play 1 game only: GTA5 with mods and RP at 1080p, medium to high setting with MSAA, grass and V sync off. Is this pc and game set up ok? I will also use MSI Afterburner to control VGA fan speed. Is this ok?
  11. Which ryzen cpu goes well with the 3060ti? Can I build a pc using ryzen 5 3500 and 3060ti? Ryzen 5 3600 in my country is too expensive.