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  1. your temps are fine and you GPU also ramps up and down according to temp. the only thing i am wondering is i noticed you mentioned 6 fans as intake with 1 exhaust. you will have positive pressure and alot of air escaping out of gaps but not optimal, if thats the case. I would suspect a typo and the AIO is exhausting through the top? if thats the case then everything is good, and you can always change the fan speed for GPU if you want it cooler.
  2. ohh btw during normal gaming operations the whole throttling shouldnt be a issue, isnt a sustained load. so temps shouldnt reach 70 during normal gaming
  3. yeah they are build to handle it. but the livetime of m.2 is reduced in high temp. (over 70) but it should throttle itself if high temp. though very cheap "heatsink stickers" can be purchased to cool it a bit. but i would just have a bit of airflow over the disk and it should be fine. copy from the spec list of the drive. Operating Environment Operating Temperature 0°C (32°F) ~ 70°C (158°F)
  4. every electronic component will impact your thermals negatively. but just because it can become 70 degrees doesnt mean it dissipates much heat to the air. m.2 use between 200-600 miliWatt which alot of is transfered to heat. but that is next to nothing compared to CPU and GPU. (EDIT: which is in the category 100 watt give or take for cpu and gpu depending on model and OC offcourse.) the reason for its high temp is because it doesnt transfer the heat anywhere is just heating up.
  5. open up the back plate, look at the fans position and clean em out, maybe also remove fans and radiators for it. search youtube for a fan clean guide for your laptop if you need a bit more help. but it thats a bit to much for you, hold the fans still with a screwdriver or something and get a aircan and blow em clean.
  6. What he said... reason: z400 beep codes google search game me this: https://support.hp.com/ee-en/document/c03599666
  7. only in fortnite or is that the only game you play? but yes as he says: and i would also try reinstalling fortnite if it only happens in that game this part makes me suspect fortnite and Epic launcher causing it.
  8. clean out your fans helps alot, and depending on model raising the it abit to get more airflow under helped my olddd (2010) laptop :). but my daughter has a Dell that did the same thing, was capped at 800mhz at least. i did this just to monitor PROCHOT and it was, so enabled prochot again dropped to 800mhz and only while battery was 100% and in charger. disconnected charger used a little battery and it ran fine full speed (2,1ghz i think), connected charger again and never saw the issue again. so if someone can tell why it happens i would like to know. i also checked windows power plans etc. i had an similar issue on a Thinkpad but that was due to a lap comfi mode, which was always low fan speed and low chassis temp which is stupid as hell especially while the computer is docked in the office running 2 VMs calling for power . but i havent found any windows or dell version of such shitty stuff.
  9. so just advice on which you want? course nothing in that hardware spec eems to indicate anything special needed. the only thing could be the bios update needed on some boards. but i think i would just search for a "b550" motherboard and go with that. EDIT: all b550 are updated to be used with ryzen 3xxx, as far as i recall
  10. nope. but it might throttle the GPU if it overheats. but you could also adjust the fan curve for it to be less "blowimatron"
  11. he means that the G-sync experience isnt completely optimal compared to cerfified monitors, that only means when your framerate is lower than 144hz in terms of tearing etc. but if your computer can put out 144hz then it will display it. same as if i wasnt a freesync monitor, the variel refresh rate is only when under 144hz
  12. not sure its that cut and dry. when there is generally more performance to take from developers seem to optimize less and throw stuff on the market. also this is the improvement to date. and we didnt jump that far from 600 series to now in terms of resolution. personally i went from 1080 to 1140 when upgraded from (gtx660, 960 now 1070) EDIT: and i know of plenty people on similar hardware still gaming 1080p
  13. ahh non existing data set, please more ppl put in your CPU
  14. please provide more information... and better topic name. else yes usually drivers need installation sometimes windows10 can but not all the time.