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Everything posted by Mayushii

  1. Great, another EMUI update, another less functional theme. Everything fucking looks the same, why change the goddamn theming elements you fucks. Can't override navigation bar images at all.

  2. Mayushii

    Restore old PC

    Theres cheap graphics cards with HDMI lol
  3. Mayushii

    Form Test

  4. Mayushii

    Hi, I am certified HP technician

    Coincidentally https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1053506-hp-has-the-worst-customer-service-and-printers-ever
  5. Mayushii

    HP Has the Worst Customer Service and Printers Ever

    It was enjoyable no doubt, reminds me of a scene from a 1999 movie called "Office Space"
  6. Mayushii

    HP Has the Worst Customer Service and Printers Ever

    oh god whyyyy didnt you take it outsideeeeee
  7. Mayushii

    Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming

    At 7:36, which desktop environment flavor is this?
  8. It's in their blood to flex so its unsurprising. Social status is what defines their choice of smartphone, all their friends have iphones, they MUST do the same.
  9. whats with moderators here needing to put symbols between "locked"

  10. Mayushii

    M2 Drive For OS Only?

    I use an M.2 drive for the system, rest is 2.5' SATA. Won't make much of a difference for games if its M.2 or not.
  11. Mayushii

    Is this normal??

    I remember speccy giving a faulty 105C reading on my old AMD A8 APU and since then I never used this program again.
  12. Mayushii

    Virus help pls

    The tool uploads items to virustotal, providing you with a general idea of how suspicious they are. But you can also do it offline and look for anything that stands out.
  13. Mayushii

    Virus help pls

    You can use is Autoruns https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/autoruns If theres any key or item associated with it on startup, removing them should stop it from launching on boot and give a few pointers of related residing components.
  14. Mayushii

    Star citizen vs elite dangerous

    Star Citizen was a total waste of money. ED was worth it tenfold.
  15. I have a Mi Band 2 and use the Mi Fit app so haven't used any Huawei health apps
  16. I've been with EMUI for a few years now and I don't really want to go back. Though with newer versions of EMUI, Huawei decided it was a good idea to disable the hidden applications menu, thankfully it can be enabled back with Tweaker for Huawei. Better off with a Siemens CF62 than to use app drawers. By 2050 can I see Mars with the dodecagon camera setup they goin for?
  17. Yvonne > Riley

    1. dizmo



  18. Mayushii

    Linus Meets Linus

  19. Mayushii

    why does windows 7 enterprise take so long to start?

    SSDs in school computers? Bah!
  20. Mayushii

    Freely Resize Windows

    Oh so you want that spot to be visible at all times no matter what windows are on the desktop? Thats pretty specific, haven't heard of any software for that.
  21. Mayushii

    Freely Resize Windows

    Just stick it to that side and grab it from the top to pull it down to the spot you're pointing at.
  22. Mayushii

    google stadia destroy console ??

    i dont see how with the latency
  23. Mayushii

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    Feels like we're going back in time with stuff getting thicker and uglier.
  24. Mayushii

    GTX 1650Ti Leak (And possible 1060Ti leak)

    [screams in 8GB GDDR5]