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    Ryzen 7 1700
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    ASRock AB350 GAMING K4
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    16gb G.Skill 3000MHz
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    ASUS Strix GTX960 2gb version
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    Corsiar SPEC-02
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    512gb Sandisk SSD and a 120gb OCZ AGILITY 4 SSD
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    Corsair RM650
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    Stock Cooler rn
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    cheap $20 keyboard/mouse combo
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    cheap $20 keyboard/mouse combo
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    Windows 7 64bit
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    lol idk man
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    PC Building (obviously), Riding BMX/Road/MTN Bikes.
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  1. Can I use W7 key for W10?

    thanks guys, I really haven't been wanting to upgrade to windows 10 because imo windows 7 is way better, but I guess it's time to move on to windows 10, atleast I can play all my forza's and SoT on pc now
  2. Can I use W7 key for W10?

    I want to upgrade to windows 10 since i have a lot of games on xbox and my friends play fortnite on xbox so I want to use the xbox app to talk, but would I be able to still use my windows 7 ultimate key to activate windows 10 pro? I've seen things saying you can still do it but I want to see if anyone else has done it recently. Also, (stupid question, haven't installed an OS in a while) if i plugged in a windows 10 installer usb and started installing it would it upgrade my OS or would it be a fresh install, I don't really feel like moving everything to my mass storage drive and then copying it all back/re installing everything
  3. Is potato a gender?

  4. Show off your latest purchase!

    Got myself an upgrade Ryzen 1700, ASRock AB350 GAMING K4 and 16gb of G.Skill 3000MHz ram (don't remember what model they are, whatever was the cheapest 3ghz ram at microcenter). It handles Fortnite + streaming 720p60 + chrome open + discord no problem lol EDIT: it's kinda funny but like a minute after I posted this I got my first bluescreen on the new setup lol, couldn't tell what it was tho, was too fast
  5. Should've posted this this morning lol oh well. but last night I went to microcenter and bought (with the help of my dad) a ryzen 1700, mobo, and 3000MHz ram. Fortnite only uses around 20% of the cpu when on the dual core it maxed it out haha xD 



    1. koolerone


      BTW i got 16gb of ram

  6. Found a Model M, will it work with my computer?

    ok, thanks man. I've always wanted a Model M and apparently today has been my lucky day
  7. Found a Model M, will it work with my computer?

    I have it drying in the garage and I don't feel like going outside to take a pic but it uses the detachable rj45 looking port that plugs into the keyboard
  8. My dad and I were cleaning out the garage and found an old IBM Model M, it looks like it had been outside for a little bit and maybe rained on but I feel like it will pull through that but mainly, will it work with my newer computer if I buy a DIN to PS/2 adapter? I know other people have done it but I just don't know if it wouldn't work because some are 5v and some are 12v and the XT/AT stuff, just wanted to confirm that it will work before I buy an adapter to use it, thanks. here are pics of the keyboard and the S/N
  9. had to make a new epic account based on my xbox account since it wouldn't let me link my last epic account to my xbox account :/ 

  10. Show off your latest purchase!

    is that knife actually $600? that's the cheapest I could find it for and I really like it
  11. Free Game Codes

    damn someone already took the second overgrowth key but didnt comment that they did
  12. Need help buying a controller for PC

    With the Xbox One controller you only need a micro usb cable plugged into the controller and computer, you dont need a wireless adapter unless you want wireless
  13. just placed second in fortnite squads by camping in trees the whole time lmao

  14. i just got my first pc fortnite wins (2 back to back) :D   

    1. Techstorm970


      The closest I ever got was 3rd, and I did it with nothing but camouflage.  xD 

  15. i got it for free from my dads last job