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    Intel Pentium G3258 @3.8ghz
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    8gb of crucial ballistix sport
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    ASUS Strix GTX960 2gb version
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    Corsiar SPEC-02
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    512gb Sandisk SSD and a 120gb OCZ AGILITY 4 SSD
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    Corsair RM650
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    Cryorig H7
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    cheap $20 keyboard/mouse combo
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    cheap $20 keyboard/mouse combo
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    Windows 7 64bit
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    lol idk man
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  1. Need help buying a controller for PC

    With the Xbox One controller you only need a micro usb cable plugged into the controller and computer, you dont need a wireless adapter unless you want wireless
  2. just placed second in fortnite squads by camping in trees the whole time lmao

  3. i just got my first pc fortnite wins (2 back to back) :D   

    1. techstorm970


      The closest I ever got was 3rd, and I did it with nothing but camouflage.  xD 

  4. i got it for free from my dads last job
  5. What to buy...

    maybe his parent/guardian doesn't want him to play a pegi 18 game cuz he's 16? idk thats my guess
  6. What to buy...

    have you thought of trying out csgo? its fun and it would run awesome on that rig, im just not sure what its rated, ill check tho
  7. Show off your latest purchase!

    i had the peach tea in the plastic bottle, and honestly it tastes like crap with a plastic bottle with the glass bottle it tasted so much better
  8. gta5 gets like 25-50fps depending where i am lmao but i get 120-180fps on csgo and 55+fps on everything else i play (dirt series, assetto corsa, nfs, ksp etc) with medium-high settings depending on the game, i wanna overclock to 4.2ghz but i keep having stability issues at 4ghz so it's at 3.8
  9. well obviously it's windows movie maker duh /s I've used davinci resolve before but it's really laggy with my system and it's kinda hard to figure out too, so i've just used windows movie maker lmao... If you have an quad core system i'd say go with resolve but if you have a pentium dual core like me just go with windows movie maker
  10. Now that i posted this it magically fixed itself please delete mods I know it's not a huge issue but, the auto-payment went through for FPC and I have access to the forum section for it and can watch videos but I don't have the LMG Pilot badge anymore? And it's been about a full day since the payment went through and I remember that when I first got it it was almost immediate that I got the badge and access. Anyone know why I don't have the badge? BTW if it matters I'm using chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 and Windows 7 64bit Pictures of payment and watching a vid on floatplane
  11. my floatplane auto renewed yesterday and i have access to the sub forum for it, but i don't have the badge and i don't have access to the floatplane pilot chat on the discord :( 


    why tho

  12. Show off your latest purchase!

  13. just found out the grocery store by me hires at 16 not 15 like i thought :( 


    gonna go build some mountain bike trails with my cousin tomorrow for $15/hr so that'll be nice tho :D

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    2. silentprototipe
    3. techstorm970


      @dizmo "We'd just go up into the bush and make out..."



    4. dizmo


      @techstorm970 Hahaha, oops. We did that too though :ph34r: Gotta love that small town life.

  14. Lost the name of a program NEED help

    did you permanently delete it or did it just go to the recycling bin? But about the program and what its called I have no idea sorry lol
  15. my steam link finally came today xD 


    now im just waiting for my thrustmaster hotas x :(