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    Hmm, I'm not even sure...
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    Ducati, maybe a computer or two
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    US Navy


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    Ryzen 2700X
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    MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon
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    16GB DDR4
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    256GB M.2 + 1TB 7200rpm
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    3x 1080p
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    Thermaltake Gaming
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    Thermaltake Level 10 + trackball
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    home theater system
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  1. Awesome! It's always fun tinkering with new stuff. Or old stuff that is new to you...
  2. Done. I concur, there was so much more going on than slavery. Frankly, that was on the way out anyway, it was unsustainable and I think most southerners were beginning to realize that or already knew it anyway.
  3. And the scary part is that they reproduce...
  4. Sounds like you should just defrag the windows drive.
  5. That's awesome! I personally wouldn't skimp on the brakes: safety issue... Other than that rock on! I rarely take any of my vehicles in. I prefer to do everything myself, unless I really just don't have time or the tools.
  6. Given the present market share of windows mobile and rumors about potentially dropping it, you might be better off with Android on account of the potential for WP to drop dead. But, then again since you don't need it for much it probably won't matter. Good luck!
  7. They have some nice cases. Mine is 100% clear acrylic, that's what I'm hoping to find. Thanks for the input!
  8. Sounds like a low life. Even when life happens, I've always gone the extra mile to take care of my customers. More than once I've taken a loss so as to make the customer happy. I've also bought a product from a seller than did seem to have a family emergency. Given his communication I don't believe he was making anything up. In your case, well...
  9. Hello all! I have an old acrylic case that I got from a friend many years ago, no brand name or anything, I had to go to Ace hardware just to get nuts and bolts for it. Unfortunately it only has 80mm fans and with all the latest and greatest components, cooling is just not up to speed. I'm wondering if anyone on here has, or knows of any newer acrylic cases with at least 120mm fans and the psu located at the bottom. Thank you!
  10. Well, at least pull the gpu off for a key chain or something. Might as well get something out of it. Probably not the brightest idea to do with a relatively new gpu, but if you had tried this say 10 years in the future I'd say Rock on!!! I've burned, cut, soldered, and utterly destroyed many many cards doing stuff like this. The difference was the value of each card was usually less than $10. Make sure it's 100% expendable before going crazy on it.
  11. Audi. Need I say more...
  12. Nah man, it's all good. What you said here is how you could approach justifying it to anyone else. You have obviously thought it through and done a decent amount of research. Rock on!
  13. I suppose consider exactly what it will be used for and also why less expensive components just won't do the job as well. If the more expensive option will provide more benefit than it's costs can be more easily justified. However if a lower cost option can yield a slightly less output for a significant amount less $ than that would be the way to go. I see you have some pretty nice components picked out, perhaps asking yourself if you need 2 ssd's, or maybe if a 5th gen intel cpu would work well enough. I get the need for 32GB of ram, but if you went with a ddr3 based setup your ram cost would go down a little. Do you need the best motherboard out there? If this is to be used for work, is overclocking really that important? Also, would a couple or even 3 nice 1080p monitors work just as well as that Dell? That is one heck of a monitor... Those are my thoughts. Best of luck!
  14. Try reseating the gpu again, I've had many, many cards not boot on 1st try, but 2nd or 3rd attempt went ok. If it still doesn't work I would try swapping parts. Try another gpu in your board (an old pci-e card will be fine) and if that goes well, try your R7 in another pc. Of course I'm assuming you have extra stuff lying around. If not try to hit up a friend... Best of luck!