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  1. I've built a few external radiator boxes in my day.
  2. See https://www.protocase.com/resources/technical-papers.php Good luck! -Rich
  3. Don't design the case in a vacuum. Take advantage of the community's input early in the design e.g. the NCASE M1 and DAN A4-SFX design threads on [H].
  4. I would recommend using as many parts as possible from CaseLabs.
  5. LEGO PC cases are for sale from here: http://www.totalgeekdom.com/?page_id=1694
  6. Sleeving takes a lot of time, for example:
  7. 1. In that pic, the MB was secured with just a couple of screws. 2. A 140mm fan will be attached to the two top rails.
  8. I just built a frame to go in a Pelican 1670:
  9. IMHO this is a cleaner solution: http://www.add2psu.com/store/
  10. You can get a high-quality motherboard tray from mountainmods.com (http://www.mountainmods.com/mountain-mods-modular-removable-motherboard-tray-p-56.html) and HD/SSD cages from http://caselabs-store.com/
  11. http://www.add2psu.com/store/
  12. Very cool: Or: https://mainframecustom.com/product-category/cable-management/gosumodz-alliance-combs/