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  1. Manage My Cables

    Is skylake worth it ?

    Well if you already have a Haswell based pc you may as well just upgrade that. If you're building a brand new pc may as well use the latest and greatest cpu architecture.
  2. Manage My Cables

    Battlefield 4 Vs. Hardline

    Just buy Arma 3 best game ever.
  3. Manage My Cables

    Fx-8350 High temperatures

    The 120's are quite powerful and since he doesn't have any overclocks it should have no problem keeps a 8350 below 65 underload.
  4. Manage My Cables

    Fx-8350 High temperatures

    I've had a bit of trouble with a H115i took about 4 attemps to get the bloody thing on. But if it's anything else the pump could be dead.
  5. Manage My Cables

    Fx-8350 High temperatures

    Re sit the cooler its definitely not making contact with the ihs.
  6. Manage My Cables

    The best X99 motherboard?!

    Depends on what features you want.
  7. Yeah, but the game is dead literally no aussie servers.
  8. Manage My Cables

    Corsair 350d vs 750d

    I love the 750D great for water loops although I don't have the airflow edition still get excellent cooling with twin rads.
  9. Manage My Cables

    You Got To Be JOKING. 1070 Pricing ?? Australia TAX

    You didn't factor in the conversion rate. And welcome to the aussie pc market. Just wait a month or 2 and save a far bit.
  10. Manage My Cables

    GTX 1070 beats 1080??

    Are you seriously going to cancel your 1080? rofl
  11. Manage My Cables

    Why can't the current consoles output 4K or at least 2K?

    Simple. The hardware is capable.
  12. Manage My Cables

    How to make 4k more user friendly

    Yeah just stay with a 1080/1440p desktop and run games and video at 4K
  13. Manage My Cables

    "No signal detected"

    Just because everything's plugged in doesn't mean you don't have faulty part. I've had gpu fans spin up when the actual pcb is fried. I would try with the cpu and work you way through all the parts. Are you getting any post codes?
  14. Manage My Cables

    Does watercooling fluid go bad?

    No matter what fluid you fill your loop with it needs to be changed eventually. Personally I change mine every 5 months. I just use distilled water and put in ek concentrate to dye it. Most of the premixed fluids come with all the anti corrosives and biocides already in. But it doesn't hurt to put in a tiny bit more.
  15. Manage My Cables

    How is my build?

    OEM keys aren't locked to the mobo i've use the same OEM key on about 4 computers.
  16. Cut the extra connector off and wrap neatly with insulation tape. Make sure the exposed wires aren't touching.
  17. Manage My Cables

    LG G5 Review

    Still on my g3
  18. Manage My Cables

    Overclocking My Intel i5 6600k

    Mines at 4.6ghz 3.6v
  19. Manage My Cables

    DEAL! Watch_Dogs UP TO 70% OFF!

    Watchdogs is trash.
  20. Manage My Cables

    Is this a good cooler for overclocking?

  21. Manage My Cables

    Basic Network Config

    Just put the switch wherever you want it isn't going to mess with anything
  22. Manage My Cables

    Google Store Father's Day Tech

    That's great the internet is a wonderful thing.
  23. Manage My Cables

    Cable mods?

    But make sure to get cables compatible with your psu. If you didn't already know