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  1. It says only thing not included is drops, spills, electrical surges which is expected. There is also no clear answer on hold long it takes, they do have a depot option where you send it in, an option where someone comes to you, and another option where someone comes to you the next business day, but if I upgrade from depot to onsite it's $120 instead of $85.
  2. I'm pretty much decided on getting a ThinkPad for college but not sure if I should add the extended warranty option. It comes standard with 1 year, 2 years is $45 and 3 years is $85, would you recommend getting the extended warranty for peace of mind?
  3. Yes the one I'm looking at is the P14s, exact same as the T14, the P14s is just slightly cheaper for some reason.
  4. Thank you, I am thinking about getting the 512GB SSD incase I need to dual boot, and 16GB of RAM, would that be enough? With the Thinkpad I could always upgrade the specs later on if needed as well. Also what's your opinion on warranties? upgrading the warranty to 3 years is only $90.
  5. Yea the terrible battery life is pushing me away, they also seem to not have the best build quality. I am a freshman in computer engineering so I haven't really been exposed to what work we'll be doing, but there is going to be a lot of coding and I know that we will eventually get into some CAD work for simulations and such.
  6. I've been searching for a reliable, future-proof laptop that I could use for my undergrad and I'm stuck between a business focused laptop such as the (ThinkPad P-series, 4750U, 16GB Ram, 512SSD) or gaming laptops such as the (HP Omen, 4800H, 16GB Ram, 512SSD, Graphics card). The prices are very similar, what would you recommend going with that would last at least 4 years of school?
  7. No I won't be gaming. Thanks for that recommendation, I can look into Huawei, I've never seen them mentioned anywhere.
  8. This is what it says on the website, "Integrated AMD Radeon™ Graphics, *The latest Vega Radeon with its dedicated GPU cores/VRAM, driven by the Pro driver, offers you dGPU+ class of performance enhancement." would that just be integrated graphics? Any recommendations for other machines? I've seen the HP Envy with a 4700u instead and it's about $200 cheaper, but that's the best that I've seen with decent build quality and a decent screen.
  9. I've been looking for a laptop that would last me at least 4 years of computer engineering school and I came across the Lenovo ThinkPad P14s. I will be configuring it with the Ryzen Pro 4750U, 8GB of RAM (I will install another 8GB myself), 512GB SSD, 3-year warranty, 300nit (touchscreen, 45% NTSC) or 400nit (non-touch, 72% NTSC) display, opinions welcome, not really sure what to go with. It will cost about $1,200 total, should I go for it or are there better alternative/value laptops?
  10. How is the reliability on Zenbooks? I was interested in picking up that exact laptop but I've heard ASUS has a lot of issues and I'm looking for something that would last me at leats 4 years.
  11. Not OP but how would you recommend the HP Omen or the ASUS Zephyrus for a college student? I've been looking for something that has an i7/4700U, 16GB RAM and a 500GB SSD just so I'd have something that would last me at least 4 years and all these options fit those requirements. Also thanks for posting the ad.
  12. That would be a good idea but I just checked and that model isn't on their website anymore so I won't be able to exchange it. It had pretty good specs for what it cost ($750) which is why I really liked it.
  13. No I mentioned that it doesn't power on anymore and they said it would still be returnable.
  14. So I recently bought a Lenovo Flex 5 (4700U, 16gb ram, and 512gb ssd) and yesterday it stopped powering on altogether. I called Lenovo and they went through some troubleshooting then ended up telling me to send it in for service. It is still within its return period with Costco so I was wondering if I should just return it and go with a different brand like HP, or if I should go through with the warranty process? I've never had a Lenovo before but it's pretty disappointing that it stopped working after only 2 months of use, I thought they had better quality control.