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  1. Alright so my internet has never been particularly good but it's always been a solid 3.5 down and 0.2 up. But yesterday I moved the router (Asus DSL AC52U) to a different phone line hole in the house to get better coverage to the kitchen and for roughly 3h it worked fine. Then after the 3h my connection slowed to around 0.5 down and 0.01 up. I tested the speed on multiple devices so I moved the router back to where it was and it still gave me 0.5 down. So I used a different router and still 0.5 down. So I replaced every cable and tried again with both routers and still 0.5 down. At this point I'm lead to believe there's something wrong with what's coming into my house but the other line which is from a separate provider in the office is working at normal speed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  2. I recently bought some watercooling gear from WCUK and as i was checking out the webpage crashed, i didnt see an order on my account so i checked out again, this resulted in two charges to my credit card and one order placed on the account. So i sent them an email and within 24h the second payment had been refunded to my card. WCUK have excellent customer service and i would strongly recommend them to anyone in the UK looking to get into watercooling
  3. Corsair Air 240 there were a few puddles on the graphics card during assembly but it was fine if you ran the tubes through a hole in the front of the case that could look amazing going down to the res
  4. the ram works absolutely fine except i cant run it in XMP mode but its still at 1600mhz. i painted the ram and mobo heatsink. Tips for the mobo heatsink is just be very careful not to bend it as the heatpipe between them is surprisingly soft and it took me a few attempts to get it screwed in again. Make sure you mask of the bottom of them as best you can and for the love of god do not lose the heatpads under them, just leaved them on the chokes if you can. The paint gives surprisingly good coverage between the fins as well but if you do make mistakes then it doesnt really matter because you cant really see it. The SSD cage in the back makes for a really nice place to mount the pump/res (this is where ill be moving mine) but the bolts do interfere with the rails that the drives go on. One last thing is to make sure you can easily fill your reservoir, i have to fill mine through my fan blades which is very precarious I tried that when i first did the loop and the ties did not want to budge without twisting the tube and kinking it thanks for the suggestion though
  5. i7 4790k @4.8ghz MSI z87m-G43 (heatsink painted white) MSI R9 270X GAMING 2G (will be getting 1070 or 970) 8GB corsair vengeance 8GB hyperx fury (different types because the hyperx was cheap when i got it) EVGA 500w 80plus Samsung 840 evo 500gb some piece o shit 1tb hdd NZXT white lighting corsair air 240 Watercooling stuff: EK Supremacy MX cpu block Magicool pump/res no name tubing from amazon magicool 240mm radiator no name barb fittings I don't want you to shy away from liquid cooling in this but it'll take better planning than i did. Definitely put your pump/res in the back of the case and get some nicer tubing that will deal with the tighter bends and get some proper fittings. Its very possible if you don't do it on a tight budget like i did
  6. i agree that could be an excellent fix, there is a slight height difference between the pump outlet and cpu inlet so it could be a bit tricky to get the exact fittings but still possible
  7. i had a very tight fit with my pump/res and cpu block that ended up needing an ugly coil in my tubing . initially i didn't screw my barbs into my components tight enough so those leaked and i had to disassemble to tighten them. i should have bought compression fittings because i hate the look of the barbs with zip ties. It does cool things better though so i've got that going for me Edit: i have plans to move my pump/res into the back compartment of the case (corsair air 240) and replace everything with compression fittings
  8. did this go ahead? would love to know what you did with it
  9. i have the seidon 120v (not 2) and i have the pump plugged into a molex adapter that gives it 5v and its pretty quiet. My motherboard would run it at 100% and it made a nasty whine
  10. I currently have that case and am planning/have bought some parts for custom liquid cooling of the cpu. I really would not recommend this case for it especially with dual gpu's. Duals gpu's mean you will have an M-ATX mobo which means youre limited to a thick rad in the front and just fans or a passive rad in the top. One gpu would mean (with an itx board) that you could get a 240mm rad in the bottom with fans you also need to be careful with graphics card width in this case, my msi gaming card pushes out against the side panel window, you may find it hard to get low profile blocks for the gpu
  11. So I was doing a spring clean of my rig today just taking it apart and cleaning it because it's fun and as I began to reassemble I realised I had no thermal paste left... I jumped straight onto Google to not only order some more on next day delivery but see what I could use as a substitute for a day. The first result was a 1:3 mix of Vaseline and toothpaste so I slapped it on my 4790k and I was off to the races. I've played 2 games of csgo since and it seems to be holding up fine as a very temporary fix. Idles are around 45C and csgo takes it up to 75C This is with a single 120mm radiator in a corsair air 240
  12. Hello Forum Criteria for the monitor are as follows: Resolution: 2560x1440 Price: Between £200 and £250 ($250 and $300) Size: Between 26" and 28" Use: Gaming (mostly CSGO and some AAA games like Just Cause 3 and GTA5) Thank you