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  1. I'm really glad this happened to Razer. Serves them right. I just saw the new 14 laptop with a 1060gtx. Newest GPU...GUESS WHAT, LAPTOP IS STILL IN A FINGER PRINT MAGNET MATERIAL!!! FUCK YOU RETARDED RAZER! WHY WONT THEY LEEEAAARNNNNNNNNNN Also i love my classic Naga epic and now the right click is super stiff, fml.
  2. 1060 is less than $200 on Amazon and im sure it wont be BNEckd by the FX. gogogo
  3. Sure it might be nice for lugging, but paying 500 bucks extra for the 2 inches? sounds too painful
  4. You wont find one because who the hell wants to game in a 13" screen x''D 2 people?
  5. Why would you want a 13 over 15"? you would pay HUNDREDS and more hundreds for TWO inches? Its not even 17 which i can understand being too big... Also 15 means better cooling, less eye strain, better sharing if need be, more keyboard space etc etc
  6. Yeah i can, the asus one has a 1060 and costs 1200!!! did you search on amazon? Its like the first result for 1060 laptop
  7. Its so ugly! 1,700 for a 1060?? Why did you order? Doesn't the XPS have much better feel and track pad?
  8. Um...of course it did. Now I know to never ever buy a Samsung phone... iphone ftw.
  9. Wow! So expensive...seriously...the cost of this innovation is incredible. But I ask, do you think this will become the norm in the near future? Because if it does, then this could be the beginning of history's biggest shoe revolution. Think about it - for how many millennia have humans been tying their own shoes? Now, it could all change, on a mainstream level (if it gets to that).
  10. I think this is great! Fake news websites can be quite detrimental - and for what? I'm looking forward to see how this develops. And yes, Google should definitely NOT be gaining any profit for fake news sites, they should vet their AdSense applications better!