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    I'm a professional person who loves computers. I like to build them.
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    Intel® Core™ i7-5930 @3.5GHz (yet to OC)
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    Asus X99 DELUXE 3.1
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 (8x8GB)
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    2 x 6GB ASUS NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 980 Ti Strix in SLI
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    Samsung 950 Pro NVME + Samsung 850 Pro SATA + HDD Western Digital Black - 2TB
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    Corsair AX1500i Professional 80 PLUS Titanium
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    x3 Portrait - Samsung S27D850T 27-Inch WQHD Monitor (Black)
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    Corsair H110i
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    Windows 10 Professional

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  1. https://www.businessweekly.co.uk/news/hi-tech/tech-trekkies-arm-chips-boost-space-exploration Illustration. UK is currently seeking to expand its own space programmes with a launch facility in Scotland. They're not going to want to see domestic chip design and technology moved elsewhere on "national security grounds"
  2. Because there seems to be concern in the UK that Nvidia will move the entire operation and ARM IP out of the UK. Softbank were looking to invest. Nvidia may be cherry picking the technologies.
  3. Interventions like this are rare. They usually proceed if there are genuine grounds for concern and the UK Government has legitimate concerns. The CMA report just gives additional evidence really. The principle objection seems to be on national security grounds not "competition" per se.
  4. The whole rig is running much quieter too. I'm delighted with the outcome here. It just shows that GPUs are like cars, they need to be maintained to keep the performance up. Changing the thermal compound is like doing an oil change.
  5. I today did a much needed - Fan C replacement and/or reapplication of thermal compound (NOCTURA NT-H2) Fan C's bearing was going and was making the well documented "squealing" or buzzing. (Resorted to taping it for the past 7 days) whilst the replacement fans were on order and shipping. (approximately 7 days) https://www.gpufanreplacement.com/products/asus-gtx-1060-1070-1080-ti-gtx980ti-graphics-card-cooler-fan-replacement?variant=8271430746207 My temperatures this morning under load: +86/87 Celsius Needed to strip the card down (n
  6. 30% is extortion. Apple's hypocrisy (and Google) demanding excessive cut amounts to an abuse of monopoly Its also beyond ironic given Apple's previous history:
  7. I'm looking for a good storage/travel bag or case for the HTC VIVE. I'd like it in foam inserts. That also helps keep dust out. Looking everywhere. Need advice. Prefer supplier in the UK or Europe if possible.
  8. No it isn't This is legislation that's been in place for decades. Its Competition law. Companies are fixing prices here within the EU when the EU trade rules allow an EU citizen to purchase goods and services across boundaries equally. Nothing to do with power trips at all.
  9. Belgium are part of a single market in the EU/EEA. If they tried that. Good bye EA from Europe's 300 million plus citizens.
  10. This is post-2020 support. It was no different for XP in the UK where the NHS was paying for support up until the start of 2016. Looks like no different. Whats causing the problems for many people is 'planned obsolescence' both in hardware and software, which is causing many issues as for example 3 year old hardware can't support newer OS. Some of the software manufacturers are also making things even more acute Planned obsolescence is companies basically trying to force consumers to upgrade earlier and earlier simply to maintain their sales.
  11. You're correct see my previous post. In relevant European laws it actually says that if there is any doubt, the decision comes down in favour of the consumer. It's an impossible clause that would make it impossible for a consumer to compare INTEL to AMD. Such a clause could invariably in itself trigger a competition law investigation also. As it's net effect would undermine competition. It's beyond ridiculous.
  12. It's a principle of law that you cannot enforce unfair contracts. Certainly in Europe consumers have fundamental rights. One of which is protection from being misled prior to a purchase. It's illegal for companies to mislead consumers. It's termed 'unfair trading'. It's also illegal for a company to mislead consumers as to their legal rights. This is directly contradictory to EU consumer law. If no one is able to independently compare the performance of a product, consumers cannot make informed choice and therefore are more easily misled. Thus the contract i
  13. Consumers determine price. If price exceeds value. Consumers will look for alternatives. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.